Your Fault: Climate Doom Is An Existential Threat To Surfing

Surfing is something I did a lot growing up, but, now, rarely, since I live so far from the beach. This would almost be enough to turn me into a climate cultist, except it’s still a bunch of mule fritters scaremongering


From sea-level rise to extreme weather events and temperatures, climate change threatens the survival of surfing as we know it today.

Surfers are wave watchers and wave chasers by nature. The ultimate goal is to be in rhythm with the ocean, score excellent waves and gain more knowledge about their ever-changing environment in motion.

As our planet shows significant signs of an imbalance, the effects of climate change can be felt more acutely in surfing than in many other sports. In some ways those shifts are bringing more favorable conditions, in other ways, they are eliminating them.

You mean things change on the planet? That never happened before

Environmental conversations and nature conservation is nothing new for surfers, who commonly have a deep connection and respect for the ocean. But while the sport that achieved Olympic status in 2020 continues to invest in greener solutions, it remains miles away from being sustainable.

As the desire for bigger waves increases, so do the ripples that are caused by the demand for a more environmentally-conscious surf industry. More and more big surf brands and competitions are jumping on the environmental bandwagon and supporting a more sustainable future for the surf industry.

I’m good with the environmental part. I’m with them. I love clean water. I’ve been witness to what illegal dumping does as trash, including medical waste (with used needles, one stuck in a buddies board) one time, floats around. I hate jets skis and the oily smell they leave behind, and the rainbow on the water. But, unless they want to give up fossil fueled travel while chasing waves (I’ve been up and down the east coast, as well as Puerto Rico and Barbados), they need to just stop this silly ‘climate change’ adherence. Not to mention all the products they use made with petroleum.

Climate scientists have been studying the warming ocean‘s effect on wind patterns. Their predictions of more frequent and intense tropical storms over the next decade can fuel those Big Wave spots with extra fire. The research remains ongoing, but surfers have already sighted the shift. Last year, pro surfers experienced significantly larger swells during a pumping winter period at Mavericks in California. Despite the changes that were seen in an unusually delayed start, the athletes adapted on a high note to a longer-stretched season, making the most out of more peppery giants and extended training time in the water.

Sounds good, but, of course, in Warmist World, this is a Bad Thing.

“Here in Oaxaca, it’s super hot already so it’s a common topic to talk about heat and sweat and being super muggy all day. I can’t imagine it being hotter. I think it could be actually dangerous to go outside and surf at midday. We do talk about taking care of our skin. The sun is super strong so we tend to use sunscreens that are biodegradable and reef-friendly.”

It’s a whopping 1.5F since 1850. Do you really notice it that much?

Beach erosion, is yet another problem facing surfing. Rising sea levels are washing away sand, infrastructure, swimming pools and houses. But what exactly does that look like? Half of the sandy beaches worldwide could be lost by the year 2100,  according to a report, published in March 2020 in the Nature Climate Change Journal.

Piss off. Beach erosion has always been around, and will always be around. It’s the nature of the Earth. Anyway, lots more scaremongering, because the climate cult cannot help themselves.

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