Bummer: US Less Concerned About Climate Crisis (scam) Than Most Of The World

The U.S. pretty much has one the biggest media markets in the world, constantly yammering on about ‘climate change’. It’s in the news, in the opinion section, in TV shows and movies, in specials, in museums, art exhibits, aquariums, posters, you name it. They’ve been spreading awareness for 35+ years. And this is the result

What, me worry? Survey shows US less concerned about climate change than most of the world

While two-thirds of U.S. residents in a new international survey said they were worried about climate change, the nation stood out for being among those least concerned about the warming world.

In the survey of more than 100 countries released last week, some 67.6% of respondents in the United States said they were either “very worried or somewhat worried” about climate change.

Among the 24 western hemisphere countries included in the survey, only Haiti at 67.3% had fewer respondents worried about climate change.

By comparison, 95% of the people surveyed in Mexico and 93% in Chile and Portugal reported they were at least somewhat worried. Only Jordan (48%) and Yemen (31%) showed fewer than half of respondents were concerned.

The survey was conducted on Facebook by its owner, Meta, and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

So, basically they are surveying people using a far left social media outlet, and getting responses they wanted, but, still not enough. Of course, they failed to ask what the political beliefs of the respondents are.

Of all those surveyed in North America, the U.S. had the largest percentage (11%) who said they don’t think climate change is happening. That’s compared with 6% of Canadian respondents and 7% of Haitians.

The problem here is the question, as we see at the survey

After being asked about their current level of knowledge about climate change, respondents were given a short definition of climate change: “Climate change refers to the idea that the world’s average temperature has been increasing over the past 150 years, will increase more in the future, and that the world’s climate will change as a result. What do you think: Do you think climate change is happening?”

I’d answer yes on that. The temperature has gone up. It will probably go up some more, because this is a typical Holocene warm period, and, eventually the world will enter a typical Holocene cool period. When they finally ask the question if it’s mostly caused by Human activities, well, in the U.S. the result is in the 40-50% rate. Oops.

What they should have asked is ” are you will to change your own life significantly to match your beliefs?” That’s rather important. People may believe in theory, but, they aren’t will to put this into practice.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: US Less Concerned About Climate Crisis (scam) Than Most Of The World”

  1. Hairy says:

    Yes Teach it HAS been 35 years since President Reagan and Margaret Thstcher first began “yammering” about climate change
    Of course that also was when your Lord Monckton was her science advisor

  2. How says:

    The richer people will have less to worry about.
    67% of Americans are worried about climate change
    That is quite a strong majority.

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