Bummer: Bipartisan “Infrastructure” Plan Mostly Eliminates Climate Crisis (scam) Measures

Of course, what is sure to happen is that people will attempt to add provisions back into the bill to deal with Hotcoldwetdry, along with other unrelated measures

Bipartisan infrastructure deal will likely omit major climate change measures

White House negotiators and a group of senators struck a deal on a bipartisan infrastructure agreement on Thursday that will likely slash measures to combat climate change and help the U.S. transition to a clean-energy economy.

The narrow infrastructure deal would leave President Joe Biden’s proposals on climate change to a separate bill that Democrats could attempt to pass through Congress using reconciliation, a process that doesn’t require Republican support.

The second package could also include programs related to child and elder care, education, and health care, in addition to climate change measures, issues that administration officials have called “human infrastructure.”

The expected elimination of climate measures in the plan comes as the world grapples with the effects of climate change — including worsening disasters like hurricanes, wildfires and droughts — and scientists urge that immediate action to slash greenhouse emissions is critical to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. Details of the plan are expected to be revealed later on Thursday.

“We made serious compromises on both ends … We’ll see what happens in the reconciliation bill and the budget process,” the president said at the White House on Thursday.

See? They’ll just add climate cult stuff back in, at which point do they lose Republican support? We can almost guarantee there is too much Crazy in the bipartisan agreement to start with. This is what Democrats consider serious compromises: keeping a good chunk of what they want, giving Republicans almost nothing, then putting things back in.


It’s More Than Just Rain and Snow. Climate Change Will Hit Air Travel in Surprising Ways

Snow is never mentioned in the article, but, just the headlines should tell you it’s a cult.

Climate change could make Yellowstone’s Old Faithful less faithful


The study also puts the reliability of geyser Old Faithful into doubt. Known for blasting water into the air at reliable intervals of about 90 to 94 minutes, scientists recently found evidence that Old Faithful had ceased to erupt 800 years ago for several decades due to a drought. Another instance of intense drought in the area could plausibly cause it to cease again.

Um, what caused it to stop 800 years ago?

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One Response to “Bummer: Bipartisan “Infrastructure” Plan Mostly Eliminates Climate Crisis (scam) Measures”

  1. Hairy says:

    Sounds like the money will just get replaced when it goes th through reconciliation
    So…….. no bummer

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