Good News: China Joe Using Taxpayer Money To Fly In Families Of Those With Pending Asylum Claims

Hey, #NeverTrumpers and low income Democrat voters, how are you enjoying Biden bringing in tons of foreigners who’ll displace low income workers?

Biden Policy Allows Migrants with Pending Asylum Claims to Have Families Airlifted to U.S.

President Joe Biden is allowing Central American economic migrants with pending asylum claims — not just approved claims — to have the Department of State fly their families on the American taxpayer dime to live with them in the U.S.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times revealed:

The Biden administration on Tuesday announced the major expansion of a program that would allow many such youths into the country legally, part of its stated goal to increase “legal pathways” for immigration. The changes could boost the number of Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran children joining their families in the U.S. from several hundred to tens of thousands.


The in-country processing will resume with Tuesday’s announcement, administration officials said. Advocates warned against allowing burdensome backlogs to form in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras, with screening, interviews, vetting, and cross-border paperwork that delay and ultimately discourage applicants, some of whom feel too at risk to wait it out [and choose to take their shot trying to sneak into the U.S.]

So, all these “youths” and adults have to do is cross the border, either illegally or by showing up and claiming asylum, and the U.S. taxpayers will pay for the federal government to fly their families to the U.S., at which point those same taxpayers will be subsidizing their housing, food, clothing, medical care, and so forth, for decades. These people will demand jobs, and take those from so many low income/low skill workers who are American citizens. Then they’ll demand citizenship while not having integrated nor really learned to read or speak the primary language.

“The expanded Biden version will have more outreach, but the rationale is the same: Don’t come here illegally because we will come get you in legally,” Nayla Rush, a refugee and asylum policy expert at the Centers for Immigration Studies (CIS), wrote on Tuesday.

She acknowledged that it is unclear what will happen if an immigration judge denies the asylum or the visa claim and if “caregivers” of those children could also be allowed into the U.S.

No, no, this won’t entice migrants to come her, right? They can now start sending adults instead of kids. And if the asylum claim is denied, as 90% of them are, they mostly will not be deported.

Asylum cases can take years, given the immigration backlog exacerbated by the pandemic and border crisis. Biden is offering at least some asylum seekers work permits, and they can take advantage of resettlement U.S. taxpayer-funded aid under USRAP.

But, hey, no mean tweets, right?

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