Dementia Joe Says ‘Climate Change’ Is Greatest Military Threat

He said this after taking a long fossil fueled helicopter to the airport, FF flight to Europe, with all the chase planes and extra planes, then getting in his FF limo which was flown over in a FF plane, with the huge retinue of FF cars protecting him

Biden warns global warming is the greatest threat to national security in speech to troops

President Joe Biden warned during a speech to American troops in England that global warming presents the greatest threat to the United States.

“The military sat us down and let us know what the greatest threats facing America were — the greatest physical threats,” Biden said of a meeting he had with the joint chiefs after becoming vice president in 2009. “This is not a joke. You know what the joint chiefs told us the greatest threat facing America was? Global warming.”

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Biden told the troops at the Royal Air Force Mildenhall station on Wednesday that global warming still presents that kind of threat, asking nations to commit to “ambitious climate action” that would stop the globe from warming no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Biden warned that global warming could cause “significant population movement,” which could include “fights over land, millions of people leaving places because they’re literally sinking below the sea, like in Indonesia because of the fights over land that is not there anymore.”

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The president’s remarks are a departure from his assessment just last week, when he said white supremacy posed the “most lethal” threat to America in a speech marking the 100th anniversary of the race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The guy is nuts, and the regular media will not call him out for it. Doomsday climate cultists have been warning of doom since the late 80’s, and the eco-nuts who joined the climate cult have been telling us we’re doomed since the late 60’s. Yet, Doom always seems to be pushed further and further out, as each prognostication fails to materialize. Biden’s yammering is all just meant to force more and more Modern Socialism on the U.S. military, destroying it from within.

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31 Responses to “Dementia Joe Says ‘Climate Change’ Is Greatest Military Threat”

  1. Hairy says:

    Lol Teach it was Margaret Thatcher (when your Lord Monckton was her science advisor)
    And Ronald Reagan who first spoke about the dangers of AGW climate change
    You know that!
    Hey? Why do we never hearaboutvyour lord Monckton anymore ?/

    • gitarcarver says:

      Both Thatcher and Reagan asked for scientists to investigate AGW and scientific papers showed AGW to be false. When money became involved as the primary mover of the AGW cult, things changed.

      If you had done more than stay in your basement eating pizza rolls your mother makes, you’d know that.

      Instead of doing something productive, you act as a hateful troll on a website, exposing your ignorance and hatred to all.

      Then again, hate is all the left has.

      • Professor Hale says:

        The best kind of democratic party activists are geriatric geezers who can spend all day on the internet repeating what they heard some democrat saying. They work for free, like college interns, and don’t need to understand what they are saying.

  2. est1950 says:

    A bit of perspective is in order.

    OBAMA the president who was tasked with ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and got the nobel peace prize did neither. He was also tasked with ending that evil OIL and Natural gas but sadly he wasnt able to do that either.

    If you look at U.S. production in terms of barrels, in 2015 the U.S. produced 9.4 million barrels per day (BPD) of crude oil, versus Russia’s 10.8 million barrels and Saudi Arabia’s 10.4 million barrels. But the U.S. also produced 3.3 million BPD of NGLs in 2015, versus 249,000 BPD for Russia and 1.6 million BPD for Saudi Arabia. Thus, in terms of barrels of what the EIA defines as petroleum, the U.S. was already in first place in 2015. In fact, we had achieved that distinction sometime in 2013.

    U.S. oil production turned sharply upward in 2009, President Obama’s first year in office. Natural gas production had turned upward a few years prior.

    ****READ CAREFULLY HAIRY******Oil production had the largest gain under President Obama of any president, nearly doubling during his tenure.

    Following strong gains from 2009 to 2014, oil production briefly dipped when prices crashed before resumed the climb at the same trajectory. This is the claim Trump uses which is accurate that in 2017 and 2018(After this crash) oil production was increasing in the U.S. under President Trump at about the same speed it did under President Obama (albeit at a lower growth rate, because the overall volumes were greater).

    Who then is responsible for what was — at least before the Covid-19 pandemic — the highest oil and natural gas production in U.S. history? President Obama? President Bush? President Trump?

    None of the above.

    NOPE. The person most responsible is the late George Mitchell, who is generally considered the “Father of Fracking.” It was hydraulic fracturing that enabled the enormous growth rates of oil and natural gas production over the past 15 years and Who was president is largely irrelevant. Hence, we see oil production ironically decline under President Bush and surge under President Obama.

    Now you know the rest of the story Hairy et. al.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    To continue the significant progress we have made in cleaning up the environment, I recommend a $153 million increase for the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory, research and enforcement programs. I also recommend an increase of $315 million for the Superfund hazardous waste clean-up program in order to maintain the program’s momentum and support a stronger enforcement role.

    Because changes in the earth’s natural systems can have tremendous economic and social effects, global climate change is becoming a critical concern. Our ability to understand and predict these changes is currently limited, and a better understanding is essential for developing policies. The budget proposes a coordinated and effective Federal research program on global change. This budget is accompanied by a report by the Committee on Earth Sciences that describes this program and its strategy.

    — Statement from outgoing US President Reagan to the Speaker of the House, 1988

    What we are now doing to the world, by degrading the land surfaces, by polluting the waters and by adding greenhouse gases to the air at an unprecedented rate – all this is new in the experience of the earth. It is mankind and his activities that are changing the environment of our planet in damaging and dangerous ways.

    The result is that change in future is likely to be more fundamental and more widespread than anything we have known hitherto. Change to the sea around us, change to the atmosphere above, leading in turn to change in the world’s climate, which could alter the way we live in the most fundamental way of all. That prospect is a new factor in human affairs. It is comparable in its implications to the discovery of how to split the atom. Indeed, its results could be even more far-reaching.

    The evidence is there. The damage is being done. What do we, the international community, do about it?

    In some areas, the action required is primarily for individual nations or groups of nations to take. But the problem of global climate change is one that affects us all and action will only be effective if it is taken at the international level. It is no good squabbling over who is responsible or who should pay. We have to look forward not backward, and we shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international, co-operative effort.

    –Statement from Margaret Thatcher in 1989 to UN

    So what happened to the GOP and conservatives since the 1980s? GOPhers used to understand the threat of global warming but as if turning off a light switch, went dark.

    Did President Reagan and PM Thatcher conclude global warming was a hoax after they made these statements?

    Anyhow, all the right has is hate.

    • est1950 says:

      So what happened to the GOP and conservatives since the 1980s?

      It became political.

    • Jl says:

      The “a former President and Prime Minister believed in the alleged danger of global warming so it must be true!” argument.
      The scientific method on display…..

    • gitarcarver says:

      Elwood tries to dismantle a claim I made without the ability to read what was actually said.

      He cites Reagan but fails to notice what Reagan actually said:

      To continue the significant progress we have made in cleaning up the environment, I recommend a $153 million increase for the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory, research and enforcement programs.

      In short, Reagan was calling for more study which is exactly what I claimed.

      As to Ms. Thatcher,….

      But in 2003, she backtracked on her climate advocacy, calling climate activism a “marvelous excuse for supra-national socialism,” and denouncing Al Gore’s calls for international cooperation around climate change “apocalyptic hyperbole.”

      In her 2003 book Statecraft she wrote of “a new dogma about climate change has swept through the left-of-center governing classes,” praised former President George W. Bush for rejecting the Kyoto Protocol and bemoaned the “costly and economically damaging” schemes to limit carbon emissions.

      The left’s hate is so strong they are willing to lie or not tell the entire truth to people. Some on the left want simply to take statements out of context or to stop history at a certain point without acknowledging that people’s positions change as more information and more actual science comes in.

      That’s the depth of hate the left has.

      Then again, all the left has is hate.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        gitarcarver: scientific papers showed AGW to be false

        Nice try. Ask your mom to spike your Totino’s with Prevagen. It’s from jellyfish!

        Why do you think Jesus put a protein that makes humans smarter in an animal phylum with no brains?

        In addition, gitarcarver, once again showing off his selective reading skills ignored that President Reagan said global climate change is becoming a critical concern.

        Then again, all the right has is hate.

        • gitarcarver says:

          Nice try.

          I appreciate the fact that you admire trying hard to get the truth out there instead of the left trying hard to continue to lie.

          After all, the left hates truths.

          In addition, gitarcarver, once again showing off his selective reading skills ignored that President Reagan said global climate change is becoming a critical concern.

          The idea of climate change was becoming a critical concern which is why Reagan wanted more study. You seem to think that being concerned with something is the same as it being true. By that standard, nothing will ever convince you of anything as long as you are “concerned” about it.

          You wont act on those concerns and do what you demand of others, but your virtual signaling of “concern” is duly noted.

          It is clear the left has become the party of anti science and reality. They hate anything and anyone that shows their fantasy world to be built on sand.

          Then again, all the left has is hate.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The once proud conservative movement has been reduced to nothing but lies a vitriol, all because you believe in Donald Jesus Trump.

  5. est1950 says:

    Elwood and hairy have ended the world for us.

    Right now the US air force is reshuffling all of its forces all over the pacific in order to prevent a ballistic missile strike from taking out all or half its assets in a single blow from the Chinese.

    The Australians are preparing for war with China as is India. Russia is preparing to invade Europe once a war breaks out with China in the pacific, that is essentially why they are massing troops on the border with NATO.

    Anticipating War With China, The U.S. Air Force Is Fanning …
    Jun 07, 2021 · Jun 07, 2021 · For years, the U.S. Air Force concentrated its warplanes at just two bases in the western Pacific— for fighters, Kadena Air Force Base in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture; Guam’s

    Pentagon Eyes New Bombs for War With China … –
    Jun 01, 2021 · Pentagon Eyes New Bombs for War With China, Not ISIS U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Michael Kerber, 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, receives a Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile

    Worth the read:US will ‘lose fast’ in war with China, Air Force’s simulation shows

    The once mighty but now broke US is unable to prevent China from doing anything it wants including using biological weapons. One of the huge reasons that the Aircraft carrier that become inflicted with Covid-19 was so important for the military to understand was how it would play out and rather the carrier could remain operational.

    It could not an did not and became a sitting duck in port. The US military is convinced that China will use Biological weapons when they take large swaths of Indo China in their invasion of Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and perhaps even Australia itself since the world will once again be dealing with another pathogen.

    And Elwood and Hairy are beating the AGW terrorist drum and forcing the USA to spend what few dollars it has left on global warming when none of that will matter in a few years.

    War is coming. 83 percent of Americans are in favor of further action against China. They are pissed and China is to blame. World wide the polling is similar. China has little options left to them as more and more nations take back their free money to china in the form of manufacturing.

    This will force china to act…sooner rather than later.

    • est1950 says:

      I do not say this lightly.

      War is coming. Sooner rather than later. The USA has around 1600 warheads of the nuclear type. China only around 240. The US has about 50 missiles capable of shooting down Nukes which have proven about 50 percent successful. In an exchange after China unleashes another biological pandemic on the world.

      The USA will kill 350-400 million chinese and take out 70 percent of its military capability. China will hit the USA with about 200 Nukes. Killing 40-50 million people. Sorry big cities. Sorry Wyoming, North Dakota and Missouri and Nebraska. Ie where the USA’s silo’s are stored.

      Why would they bother with these? Because the silo’s can be rearmed with missiles and warheads in storage.

      Uncle Joe will never pull the trigger hence giving the entire pacific, Africa to China. The US has become a fraud. We have done the same thing to ourselves the USSR did to itself by invading Afghanistan. We are Broke.

      I watched with amusement as some here discussed timber tarrifs. Not realizing that two major hedge funds are buying up all the real estate from the market at from 25-50 percent above its current value. Why?

      The great reset demands you OWN NOTHING. DeBlasio ran all the businesses out of NYC in order to buy up all the real estate in NYC in order to turn it into low income and vagrant housing.

      The great reset is about removing your personal possessions from yourself. It is about communism. People in China do not own their own homes. They live in government housing. In the USSR the people owned very little that was not given to them by the government and lived in government owned housing.

      The GREAT RESET is here. A nuclear exchange is now the best option to remove China from the world stage given the context that they are no longer averse to releasing pathogens over and over again until the world belongs to them.

      Russia is a fool if they think siding with China will gain them anything except a graveyard of death Europeans from another massive pathogen designed this time to kill 10-30 percent of its victims and nothing left in the tank to fight it.

      Armageddon is fast approaching and it sure the hell is not AGW.

      • Professor Hale says:

        The best kind of democratic party activists are geriatric geezers who can spend all day on the internet repeating what they heard some democrat saying. They work for free, like college interns, and don’t need to understand what they are saying.

        • Professor Hale says:

          Sorry for the reprint. This reply was supposed to be about the “coming war”.

          To quote a long forgotten author, “we have always been at war with East Asia”.

          The US military and people trained by them cannot imagine a world without military conflict. It is a long established practice for military services to imagine who are enemies are and then base the force structure and composition based on that enemy. Then politicians get involved and cut that number for budget reasons and use the remaining budget to pay for pork.

          As a result, the US military is always playing wargames against someone and pretending they are near certain to die. You can’t justify buying 100 more F-35’s if all your war games tell you “we got this”. All military wargames predict we lose unless we buy (F-35, DDG-2000, Next Gen CVN, 50,000 more infantry, longer range rockets and artillery, etc).

          I can tell you with near certainty that you will not see a hot war between the USA and China in your lifetime. No one alive today will ever see a nuclear war between the USA and anyone. There is a reason that the USA and USSR never went to war with each other during the cold war. Those reasons are still true and apply to China. The Chinese Mandarins are smart enough to not want to destroy the source of their wealth.

          • est1950 says:

            anyone who says with certainty that their will never be a war is delusional.

            The chinese released covid-19 on the world. The next war will involve them releasing something equally deadly and debilitating while their soldiers already have the vaccine.

            War games are played for a reason.

            Professor Hale is incorrect. Nearly 8 years of cuts to the military had us using sticks to practice with. If you remember the Marines shut down their entire air corp because it was unsafe to fly. The airforce was gutting airplanes to keep others in the sky. The navy sortes dropped by 38 percent.

            Our forces were decimated not only by Obama but by the GOP who was obsessed with fiscal cuts that only gutted the military. In those 8 years China went to the moon, developed super sonic missiles aimed to take out entire fleets of ships and are deploying their own military GPS system in space as we speak…They have continued to expand their biological weapons.

            I can tell you for certainty that a war is coming. Xi has said he will retake taiwan in his lifetime. I will not bother with the quote. He will not leave it for the next generation of Chinese leaders.

            News Flash Hale: EU leaders urge unfettered probe into origins of COVID-19
            Jun 10, 2021 · Plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. June 10, 2021, 12:57 AM·1 min read. BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU leaders on Thursday called for an unfettered investigation into the origins.

            India, Russia, Australia, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, Vietnam, The USA and Canada have all turned against China. They do not have the value for life that you or I have. They have no qualms about releasing a biological weapon that takes out the world.

            What is the correct response HALE? More strongly worded messages as the world suffers this time 10-20-30 percent death rates with the possibility of several years before a vaccine is found?

            What is your take Hale. How do we stop them from releasing another and another if they are backed into a corner.

            You are wrong. The pentagon is pissing their pants. Australia is pissing their pants. Japan is pissing their pants. Phillipines has reestablished relations with the USA because of China’s obsession with taking over the world.

            I talk to people who tell me non classified stuff. I can tell you that the us is moving units all over the pacific in a shell game to keep the Chinese guessing but even that will not alter the simple release of another pathogen which they have shown no qualms about doing.

            The only recourse for the west is to release chemical weapons which were banned or nukes or die a horrible death to pathogens released by China. An aerosol explosion of ebola over Chicago and Los Angeles should just about do the trick.

            I know you are an apologist for the MIC. Defending them as an innocent group of people who only have the best interests of the world at heart.

            I represent thinkers and planers who look at the evidence and form a conclusion. It is our job to be the proverbial 10th man although that is not something we made up or thought up. It is just common sense. When the Hales of the world say with CERTAINTY that their will be no war or nuclear war, we say there will and present evidence as to why we think so.

            His evidence is that it is too ghastly to think about. Well how about ebola spreading around the world or MERS killing 30-50 percent of the worlds population? When is it time to draw a real line in the sand Hale?

  6. Professor Hale says:

    Interesting. I am an apologist for the MIC, while you advance a policy of military growth and preparation for war. Got it.

    Real life is not a Red Dawn Larp. Real people in charge of real countries have real goals and strategies for achieving those goals that seem reasonable to them. Nuking or releasing bioweapons on your largest trade partners doesn’t accomplish anyone’s goals. The goals of the Chinese right now are to enrich themselves and their families for generations. Killing off their trade partners accomplishes the opposite of that.

    But go ahead and do things your way. I’m sure the MIC would love to sell the Navy another 100 ships to “fight” the Chinese over Taiwan.

    • est1950 says:

      I/We are the 10th man. We listen to views such as yours which I do not object to and then make our case for why you are wrong and we are right. It is in essence a thing. Done by nearly every country around the world with any kind of intelligence and by that I mean CIA, MI6 type intelligence.

      I do not begrudge your point of view. It is common. It is the prevailing point of view. You espouse what everyone believes.

      But as is pointed out by us and beginning to dawn on the world. No one dared think a country would intentionally allow or spread a pathogen to cause a world wide pandemic either.

      So Professor Hale do not take my criticism of your point of view personally. Yours is a widely held and popular belief and it has been reality since the first bomb dropped in 1945.

      That is not my job. My job is to imagine the unthinkable, using facts and tidbits of information from around the world. That is why I can tell you what is going on in nearly every country on the planet. Because the truth is like a massive jigsaw puzzle that needs to be assembled piece by piece until the picture becomes clear.

      So my apologies if I came across antagonistic. That was not my intention.

      Most everyone in this country are apologist for the MIC and the MIC preaches peace through strength but It is my duty to point out that while we have obsessed with Iraq/Afghanistan and the Middle East a sleeping giant has awoken in the east and those weapons the MIC has been selling the pentagon are worthless in any coming conflict with China.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        est: No one dared think a country would intentionally allow or spread a pathogen to cause a world wide pandemic either.

        Do he have evidence that that happened?

  7. Jl says:

    J-“wherever you copy your ideas…..NTZ…?”.. Another long-winded way of saying there’s been no simple experiment done., as stated.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Would you design that experiment? Seems easy. Do you suspect that hundreds or thousands of climate scientists have conducted your experiment that disproves the theory and have hidden the results? Or are they afraid?

      Finally, and this is important, if you were shown results from such an experiment would you reconsider your longstanding denial of global warming?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      What if you found a giant solid ball, cloaked in a layer of gaseous N2, O2, CO2 and water vapor, and illuminated by an intense visible light source? Further, what if you could vary the concentration of CO2 in the gaseous cloud and also measure the surface temperature? If the surface temperature increased with increasing CO2 would you find that persuasive?

      You know this, but all those findings would also be consistent with well-understood physical prinicples.

      For example, bodies absorb visible light and release it as long-wave radiation. CO2 (and other greenhouse gases, including water vapor) absorb long-wave radiation, causing warming (excitation) of the molecules.

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