Vox: Say, Will China Joe’s Climate Targets Be Enough To Save Us From Doom?

Here’s a better question: why don’t climate cultists practice what they preach if they believe in coming doom?

What a fair climate target looks like for the US, the largest historical carbon emitter
Biden is about to announce a new 2030 climate target. Will it go far enough?

On April 22, President Biden will convene global leaders for a virtual climate summit in a bid to reassert US leadership and motivate countries to cut emissions much more aggressively.

Of course, the US is only just recommitting to climate action itself after a long leadership vacuum. During his presidency, Donald Trump tore down dozens of environmental regulations and withdrew the US from the Paris climate agreement, undermining global progress to reduce emissions.

Now, to reassure the world that the US takes the climate threat seriously, Biden plans to announce a new 2030 climate target under the Paris agreement ahead of the summit.

The administration is considering a goal to cut emissions somewhere between 48 and 53 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. This is in line with proposals from many green groups, which have coalesced around a 50 percent reduction target. While that goal will require significant changes, to take place in less than a decade, many recent studies show it is within reach.

What if We The People don’t want that? All the casual members of the Cult of Climastrology, kinda like the folks who only show up for Easter and Christmas service in Christianity, are about to get a lesson as to why Conservatives and Libertarians point to the Constitution as limiting the power of the federal government, that the Central Government should not have this much power to dictate our lives. Why they shouldn’t vote for these kinds of politicians. They’re fine right up till their votes smack them in the face with the Cold Dead Mackerel of Reality.

But a new report, produced by a group of environmental organizations including Friends of the Earth and the youth-driven Sunrise Movement, approaches the question from a different angle. Instead of determining what is feasible for the US, they start by asking: What should the US’s responsibility be in reducing global emissions to keep the planet from warming to dangerous levels?

The result is a much more audacious vision for US emissions reductions in 2030: 195 percent.

That’s right — they are proposing that the US’s true responsibility isn’t just to eliminate all its emissions by 2030 (which would be 100 percent) but to go even further.

Yet, these same people won’t give up their own “carbon pollution” products and activities. Take away the smartphones, streaming video, traveling to places not enjoy them but just to get a selfie, etc and so on, I won’t bore you yet again with a list.

The advocacy groups acknowledge that it isn’t actually feasible for the US to pull this off within its own borders. Instead, they suggest that the country reduce its domestic carbon footprint by 70 percent and contribute the remaining 125 percent by financing developing countries’ emissions reductions.

The authors argue that if the US hit these targets, it would be contributing its “fair share” toward tackling climate change, as the world’s largest historical emitter and wealthiest nation.

This would be the fair share that Warmists rarely share from their own lives, their own money. If this actually came to fruition they will all be screaming about the skyrocketing cost of living, the inability to travel anywhere, can’t afford housing, high unemployment, and, you can imagine the rest, since I’ve written this stuff time and time again. Will they get it when they’re living it, when it doesn’t just apply to Other People? It’ll be too late at that point.

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One Response to “Vox: Say, Will China Joe’s Climate Targets Be Enough To Save Us From Doom?”

  1. MrToad says:

    Communist China is doing to the United States what the United States did to the Soviet Union. They’re going to make us go broke.

    Communist China isn’t participating in any of this and has no intention of ever “donating” or “reducing emissions”. They and India are simply signing off on how much The West’s (The United States) “fair share” is, and using those US tax dollars on their own “infrastructure”. I mean actual “infrastructure” like building more coal fired power plants and new rare earth mining and new prisons & “workshops” for the Uyghers.

    They don’t do “payments to illegals ARE infrastructure” or “infrastructure is childcare” like we do here in the States.

    I’d probably toss Mexico in the “let’s bankrupt to US” side of the ledger as well.

    Theses countries are not our friends. They’re sugar daddies to the DC political class and the providers of cheap labor for Corporate America to exploit.

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