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Good News: Comedy Can Help You Randomly Interject ‘Climate Change’ Into Social Conversations

When you really, really, really need to just blow into a conversation with something totally different that most people really do not care about without sound like a Debbie Downer ‘How do I talk about climate change at social gatherings?’ A guide to bringing up the topic without turning into Debbie Downer. Dear Sara, I […]

Let’s Take It Down A Notch, Shall We?

I’ve ignored it for too long, and usually only mention when someone complains. Take the personal insults down about 30 notches. No more spoofing other poster’s names. No more nasty personal names. No more epithets. We’re adults here, regardless of political affiliation.

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle causing horrible carbon clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on floundering Democrat candidates.

Bummer: #MeToo Hits Magic The Gathering Tournament

Which is rather weird, because from what I’ve heard, there are really no women involved in one of the geekiest of geek things Pro Removed From $1 Million Magic Tournament Accused Of Harassing Women On Wednesday, one of the most prominent players in the Magic: The Gathering scene was unceremoniously dropped from this weekend’s first-ever […]

‘Climate Change’ Could Turn Us All Cannibal Or Something

Since Democrats tend to shy away from owning firearms, guess who gets eaten first? Anyhow, while the point of the study may or may not have been to link what’s going on with the current (and typical) warm period, news outlets and others running articles is meant to invoke a belief among Warmists that this […]

Life Under Modern Socialism: Venezuela To Ration Electricity

This only applies to Venezuelans in certain areas who still have working electricity, of course Venezuela’s Maduro announces plan to ration electricity amid blackouts Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday announced a 30-day electricity rationing plan for the nation, according to the Associated Press. In an address on national television Sunday, Maduro said the rationing plan would […]

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