Life Under Modern Socialism: Venezuela To Ration Electricity

This only applies to Venezuelans in certain areas who still have working electricity, of course

Venezuela’s Maduro announces plan to ration electricity amid blackouts

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday announced a 30-day electricity rationing plan for the nation, according to the Associated Press.

In an address on national television Sunday, Maduro said the rationing plan would address the nation’s intermittent power outages, which have also affected the water supply and communications, according to the wire service.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido, who the United States has recognized as president, has called on Venezuelans to demonstrate in response to the outages, which he blamed on government neglect while Maduro has attributed them to deliberate sabotage by the U.S.

“No one can put up with this. We spend almost all day without electricity,” Karina Camacho, a 56-year-old housewife, told the news service. “There’s been no water since (last) Monday, you can’t call by phone, we can’t pay with cards or even eat.” The blackouts have prevented Venezuelans from making electronic payments in several cases.

Venezuela is an oil rich nation, which has been so damaged by the policies of people like Maduro and Hugo Chavez that they can’t keep the power running. Heck, there was a period where it was reported they had no toilet paper nor beer, and zoo animals were being eaten to avoid starvation. This is also what happens when the government controls the power grid.

As the AP goes on

Another day, another blackout.

Power went out across Venezuela on Sunday, just as it did on Saturday, and the day before that.

But while some electricity had returned by Sunday afternoon, jittery Venezuelans weren’t so much celebrating the lights coming on as wondering when the next outages would flick them off.

And that’s where the quite from Ms. Camacho comes into play. People were on their balconies and such banging on pots to demonstrate against Maduro. You know, the dictator whom so many of these new Democratic Party House members support and defend, because he has the right blend of Modern Socialism for them.

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20 Responses to “Life Under Modern Socialism: Venezuela To Ration Electricity”

  1. Bill Bear says:

    It has now been 17 days since a white supremacist massacred 50 people in New Zealand… and Porter Good has yet to denounce the killer’s actions.

    This reveals far more about Porter Good’s character than he might think.

    • Jl says:

      And since 2001, there have been approximately 8500 homicides in Chicago. Mostly black males being killed by other black males. Which makes sense, seeing as blacks commit over 50% of all homicides in the country while being only 13% of the population. I’ve yet to hear anyone denounce these killings by black males…..

    • Bill, your schtick is getting tedious, and your off-topic interjections aimed at me and everyone else are over-done. Last warning.

      • Bill Bear says:

        Porter Good wrote:

        “Bill, your schtick is getting tedious, and your off-topic interjections aimed at me and everyone else are over-done. Last warning.”

        Porter Good also wrote:

        “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”

        Looks like the latter statement consists of only words, with no real conviction behind them.


        • Freedom of expression applies to facts and staying on topic, not immediately delving into other things. Don’t like it? Go pay for your own blog. I’ve banned only a handful of people in all these years. Don’t make me do it again.

          • Bill Bear says:

            As I said… Porter Good does not actually believe in the slogan he puts at the top of each page of his blog.

            I thank him kindly for this confirmation.

  2. Bill Bear says:

    Right wing terrorist attacks

    • dachs_dude says:

      Bill == Off topic dude. Also, try if from Sep, 11 2001 to scale and see what it looks like.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    But… but… Sweden…

  4. Kye says:

    I denounce all terrorist attacks by far-right violent extremists. Exactly who are these extremists and to what far-right organizations do they belong? Where are they operating and why do we not hear more about these organizations?

    BTW, why does your chart begin on (9/12/2001 instead of 9/11/2001? Is somebody trying to make one side look bad? That would be dishonest.

    Now, for your daily report Traitor Bill. Since also since 9/12/2001 (just to be fair), Mohammadans terrorists have carried out 34,806 terror attacks worldwide in the name of Allah.
    On 3/30/2019 three civilians were brutally murdered by Mohammadan jihadists in Burkina Faso and two fisherman were shot to death by Islamic State in Iraq. Also, on this day a man was stoned to death by Islamic State in Mosel for not “obeying their rules”.

  5. Bill Bear says:

    Kye wrote:

    “I denounce all terrorist attacks by far-right violent extremists.”

    Uh huh.

    Suuuuuure he does.

    Direct challenge to Kye:

    Cite your denunciation of the New Zealand attacker.

    Cite your denunciation of the attack carried out by James Alan Fields in Charlottesville.

    Cite your denunciation of the murder of Timothy Caughman by James Harris Jackson.

    Cite your denunciation of the murder of nine black members by Dylann Roof in Charleston.

    In each case, Kye is required to provide direct quotes and liks to his “denunciations”.

    We’ll sit back and wait for the denials and excuses to begin — as one would expect of a white supremacist like Kye.

  6. Kye says:

    Do you really sit around and dream up childish “challenges” for people or does this type of stupid shit come naturally? I stated “I denounce ALL attacks by far right violent extremists”. Isn’t that clear enough or should I go back to the beginning of time and denounce each and every one?

    Boy you’re an idiot, Traitor Bill. How old are you, twelve?

    Once again you call me a white supremacist knowing I’m married to a Korean. That would make me guilty of “Yellow Fever” which is impossible. I denounce you as a liar and false accuser.

    Exonerated again!

  7. Bill Bear says:

    Kye wrote:

    “Isn’t that clear enough”

    Oh, yes, it’s quite clear.

    It’s just not backed up with any, you know… facts.

  8. Professor Hale says:

    For the record. I denounce Hitler. Also Stalin. And Mao. Just wanted to put that out there before someone went off topic and accused me of failure to denounce someone vigorously enough. As a student of History, I already know that that step is coming.

  9. Professor Hale says:

    And when I say Hitler, I mean literally Hitler, not virtually Hitler or metaphorically Hitler or potentially Hitler. And not “baby Hitler”. Just historical German Socialist Hitler from 1935 to 1945.

  10. Kye says:

    Facts? Exactly what facts do you “require” when I am saying over and over again I denounce all attacks by right wing violent terrorists? Would a denunciation of all previous and future attacks persuade you?

    And you say: “In each case, Kye is required to provide direct quotes and liks to his “denunciations”.” Fact is, ass hole, you don’t get to dictate what I’m “required” to do unless of course you are required to provide links where I don’t. That’s just a stupid infantile “demand” from a person powerless to enforce it.

    Once again a leftist proves to be intellectually and morally vacuous. Don’t worry Traitor Bill, you have an entire Traitorous Party of half-wits who agree with you.

    You have yet to apologize for calling me a “white supremacist” after I carefully explained that it is not possible to be married to an Asian and be one. You don’t even know what a white supremacist is and yet you call people such. Idiot. To a white supremacist being married
    to an Asian is called “Yellow Fever” and is the same as being married to a black which is called being a “Mud Shark”. If you can’t correctly identify the players then shut up because you appear ignorant.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      I’ll take you at your word that you denounce all terrorism, even when committed by right-wingers. OK?

      If I read you correctly you believe Black “culture” is inferior to white “culture” either by nature or nurture, right? Perhaps you believe white people are superior to Black people, maybe not. It seems you believe white people alone built America. That’s your opinion, but one not shared by the descendants of slaves, which should be understandable. In any event, those that DO desire the US become a homeland to white Christians will never get their wish so maybe we should work harder at trying to live together.

      And all your talk about assholes, traitors and Mud Sharks is tiresome.

  11. Bill Bear says:

    Kye wrote:

    “Exactly what facts do you “require””

    In each case, Kye is required to provide direct quotes and links to his “denunciations”.

  12. dachs_dude says:


    Using the title, if you must, please give us a single paragraph summarizing what this article is about.

    Then please document how each of your comments is relevant to this article.

    Then post all you like, all the comments regarding this article that you can think of.


    Everyone on this site.

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