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Dutch Warmist Group Sues Shell Over Hotcoldwetdry

Here we go again, another Warmist group suing a fossil fuels company rather than advocating that all their fellow Warmists stop using fossil fuels. The accompanying photo shows great parental responsibility Environmental Groups to Sue Shell Over Climate Change Climate activists delivered a court summons Friday to oil company Shell in a court case aimed […]

If All You See…

…is a horrendous fossil fueled vehicle that should be replaced with trains in America, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the censorship wars.

Libya Heads Towards Full Blown Civil War, NY Times Drags Trump Into It

Here’s the mess Obama left behind with his foolish Libyan adventure In Libya, fears of full-blown civil war as fighting nears capital Tripoli Libya edged closer to full-blown civil war on Friday as forces of an eastern commander clashed with pro-government militias near the capital Tripoli and an effort by the U.N. chief failed to […]

Your Burger And Fossil Fuels Addiction Could Make Trees Grow At South Pole And Seas Rise 60 Feet

When most of the coastline is erased, people are zipping around NYC in bass boats, and the South Pole is an exotic vacation spot, blame yourself A climate change preview: Trees at the South Pole, 60 feet of sea-level rise. Trees growing near the South Pole, sea levels 20 meters higher than now, and global […]

Excitable Democrat House Sues Trump Admin Members Over Border Declaration

This won’t go very well for the Democratic Party run House when video of what’s going on down at the southern border is introduced as evidence, nor the video of the mass migrant caravans traveling towards the southern border House sues members of Trump administration over ‘sham’ border-emergency declaration The U.S. House of Representatives is […]

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