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Not Open Borders: Washington Airports Ban Deportation Of Illegal Aliens

Open Borders advocates are a crazy group. They say they’re not for the criminals, they want them gone. Just keep the good ones (stop me if you’ve heard this before). Yet, they keep doing all they can to protect all of them. Remember the incident in the UK in 2018 where a bunch of people […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will soon rise and swamp all the coastal cities…soon!!!!…, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on a German women’s mag showing how to treat stab wounds after unfettered immigration from Islamist areas.

NYC Looks To Do Away With Hot Dog Purchases By City For ‘Climate Change’

Hyper-Warmist Bill De Blasio isn’t looking to ban all hot dogs sales in NYC (yet), as has been going around NYC Vows to Start ‘Phasing Out’ Hot Dogs to Save the Planet as Part of Their Own $14B Green New Deal Hot dogs may become harder to find following the approval of New York City’s […]

Climate Lunatics Again Yank Out The Glue To Protest

The Extinction Rebellion wankers are still at it in the streets of London Rebels have climbed onto a dlr train at #canarywharf holding signs saying ‘business as usual = death’ and ‘don’t jail the canaries’#TellTheTruth #Actnow pic.twitter.com/GdNkxwErdh — Extinction Rebellion Global (@ExtinctionR) April 25, 2019 Screwing up people’s day for fake science BREAKING: Time for […]

Judge, Lawyer Face Multiple Charges For Releasing Illegal Alien Criminal

Remember, the talking point is that supporters of Open Borders don’t support illegal alien criminals, just the “good ones”. They apparently feel that the good ones are criminals (via Hot AirHot Air) Newton judge, court officer charged with obstruction of justice The indictment in the case states Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and Court Officer […]

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