Judge, Lawyer Face Multiple Charges For Releasing Illegal Alien Criminal

Remember, the talking point is that supporters of Open Borders don’t support illegal alien criminals, just the “good ones”. They apparently feel that the good ones are criminals (via Hot AirHot Air)

Newton judge, court officer charged with obstruction of justice

The indictment in the case states Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and Court Officer Wesley MacGregor are to be charged today in federal court.

Judge Joseph, the indictment alleges, allowed an illegal immigrant wanted by immigration officers to leave Newton District Court without being detained for possible deportation.

“I’m not gonna allow them to come in here,” the judge is alleged to have told the man’s defense attorney. She was basically keeping an ICE officer on the outside of the courtroom

The judge, federal prosecutors are alleging, allowed Jose Medina-Perez to walk after being arrested by Newton police on drug charges last April. He was also wanted for drunken driving out of Pennsylvania and ICE had a detainer on him.

As Hot Air’s John Sexton notes

That description is a bit more passive than what actually happened. WCVB 5 reports Judge Joseph didn’t just allow Medina-Perez to run off, she came up with a plan to facilitate his escape with his defense attorney

In the courtroom, Joseph ordered the courtroom recording device to be turned off in order to conceal the conversation about the plan, the indictment said.

According to the indictment filed by United States Attorney Andrew Lelling’s office, MacGregor agreed with the immigrant’s defense attorney to release the immigrant through a rear door in order to evade the federal officers. Joseph participated by creating a pretext for the immigrant to be brought downstairs for “further interview” so he could be released through that door, the indictment said.

Newton, Mass, is a sanctuary jurisdiction. Turning off the microphones is a big no no. So is helping a criminal illegal alien escape lawful detention for a federal agent. The illegal alien has already been deported twice, meaning unlawful re-entry is a felony under federal law. Red State rips into the story, and now

I suppose that all involved had a good joke at the expense of the ICE agent, ICE in general, and the Godless Trump who would dare to deport a poor, downtrodden illegal.

The US Attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling, seems to be a man without an great sense of humor. The case was referred to a grand jury and today both Joseph and MacGregor were indicted.

The perjury charge is only against MacGregor who told the grand jury that he didn’t know there was an ICE agent in the courthouse despite the tape of him being told that.

Too bad the charges do not include violations of 8 US Code 1324(a), conspiracy/aiding or abetting. It really is way past time to start nailing those who help illegal aliens.

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10 Responses to “Judge, Lawyer Face Multiple Charges For Releasing Illegal Alien Criminal”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    When did obstruction of justice by government officials become a crime?

    The ‘president’ committed at least 12 counts of obstruction and he didn’t get arrested.

    • Kye says:

      How could he obstruct a crime which with he was never charged? Ya gotta do something before you can obstruct justice. They failed on both. Go peddle that crap somewhere else. You people are idiots.

      • david7134 says:

        Jeff has no idea as to what he is commenting on. He saw the study about obstruction on a liberal site and decided to commit here just to get everyone upset and give him an opportunity to call you names. After three years the idiot liberals have nothing on Trump. It is past time to get Hillary, Obama and their group of criminals. We can already see them pointing fingers at each other.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    When did obstruction of justice by government officials become a crime?

    Bill Clinton was charged with 10 counts. Impeached by the House and let off by the Senate. If your a politician. Its not a crime.

    Barak Obama has committed so many crimes they are uncountable but people like you more interested in power for your side then holding your side accountable, gloss over anything YOUR side does and condemn vehemently what the other side does.

    both are guilty. Both go unpunished. Why do you think the left does not want to impeach Trump. And by the way. He will not be indicted when he steps down as president. IF this were to happen. Then guess what happens to Kamala Harris or Bernie sanders or whomever the nation elects as the next democratic president.

    The left needs to get their stuff together and work on policy and positions that benefit the most amount of Americans or they will forever be marching in the streets screaming invectives and ranting about the right whom they have ceded power to by being just plain stupid.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      To make my point:

      ***MSNBC host Chris Matthews warned Democrats on Thursday that they should “sober up” before the 2020 election, focus on candidates who could beat President Trump and avoid looking elitist like former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

      “Pick the best candidate to beat Trump because nobody wants to be around the Democratic Party the day after losing to Trump twice,” Matthews said while appearing on “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” “Nobody’s going to be forgiven for that.”***

    • david7134 says:

      Trump is not going to step down. The Dems have used every trick to deny him his Presidency. They are now just trying to the up the government now. But I think things are going to start happening with the prosecution of the Den side. It will be interesting to see how high up the chain they can get, I hope they get Obama and Hillary.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        For what crime do you think President Obama will be indicted? Being Black? Being a Democrat? LOL.

        • Kye says:

          Unlike leftist Democrats we don’t accuse Presidents of crimes without evidence and we don’t assume they will “be indicted” because we don’t like him. The truth is out there.

          I am sure if you could indict Trump for being white or Republican you would.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            I wasn’t addressing you but since you butted in… David seems part of your cabal, and he keeps calling for President Obama’s imprisonment – so for what crime?

            Trump has 3 potential paths, 1) step down with a deal to avoid prosecution, 2) lose in 2020 and be prosecuted, 3) steal the 2020 election with Russian help. There is ample evidence against Trump, with more to come in the ongoing investigations – don’t forget that Trump is Individual 1, and unindicted conspirator in a felony. The fun is just starting. Trump is counting on extralegal violent help from the “good persons” on his side. Get your AR-15 ready – Trump needs you.

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