Bombshell Or Something: Carbon Pollution Is Reducing Kids’ Test Scores! Everybody Panic!

Well, this seems like a new one, and comes from the always Excitable Joe Romm

Bombshell, baby, bombshell!

(Think Progress) A stunning new study of U.S. high school students finds that heat waves lower their test scores, the effect is greater for minorities, and global warming is going to make things worse in the coming years.

Led by researchers from Harvard and the College Board, this National Bureau of Economic Research study, “Heat and Learning,” provides “the first evidence that cumulative heat exposure inhibits cognitive skill development and that school air conditioning can mitigate this effect.”

The study looked at almost 10 million students who took the PSAT twice (or more) from 2001 to 2014 and compared their scores with daily temperature data recorded by thousands of NOAA weather stations around the country.

Researchers found “hotter school days in the year prior to the test reduce learning, with extreme heat being particularly damaging.” Of course, global warming has already started making temperatures higher: As NASA reported in January, the five hottest years on Earth have all occurred since 2010.

Or, it could be that kids are more interested in going outside when it’s a nice, warm day. And that the Leftist education system sucks. Or that someone is just taking some data and putting it together in a way to support their Cult of Climastrology beliefs. Because even if this is true, there’s no Scientific proof that this warm period is mostly/solely caused by Mankind.

Again, under Trump’s policies of undermining domestic and global climate action, we face simply off-the-charts heat waves in the coming decades.

Some TDS. Trump hasn’t stopped anything world wide. Nor has he stopped cities, states, counties, nor individuals from taking action.

The authors also conclude that “heat effects account for up to 13 percent of the U.S. racial achievement gap,” in part because “black and Hispanic students live in hotter places than white students” and in part because their schools tend to have less air conditioning.

And we have to have some raaaaacism thrown in.

But we live during a time when the majority party has no appetite for infrastructure spending, and a time when most teachers are buying some school supplies with their own money. We apparently will have to wait for wiser politicians to address both our climate and education problems.

Good grief. Teachers have been buying their own supplies for forever. I remember friends of mine who became teachers do this. But, if we’re Blaming Trump, then the conditions for this must have been set during the previous administration, since Trump hasn’t even been in office for a year and a half yet. We could go down this discussion hole for hours, but, what this really shows is that Warmists will link their unhinged, anti-science beliefs to everything.

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2 Responses to “Bombshell Or Something: Carbon Pollution Is Reducing Kids’ Test Scores! Everybody Panic!”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I thought stupid teachers and administrators spending all their time on recycling, Social Justice, and Democratic party activism was responsible for lowered scores.

  2. The implication would be that generations of living in hot environments such as Africa, Mexico, or the Caribbean makes people stupid. Do they really think that’s true? And even if they did, would they say so?

    The study is bending the test gap results between races in order to make a connection that is weak at best, and perhaps nonexistent. They hate the data, so they are trying to torture it.

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