If All You See…

…is an evil gun firing evil lead bullets which are bad for climate change, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on identity politics.

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26 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Martha Stewart next?

    Donald J. Trump

    Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly by our government!

    So not tired of winning!!! https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  2. Jeffery says:

    Another felonious Con given a free pass. He was convicted of a crime. Do laws not apply to Cons?

    Michael Cohen is most pleased by this.

    • david7134 says:

      It will be great when they put Obama, Hillary and the rest in prison.

    • Dana says:

      Mr D’Souza served his ‘term,’ eight months in a halfway house and paid his $30,000 fine. Martha Stewart served her sentence. Rod Blagojevich, another whose name has been mentioned for a pardon, is the only one who hasn’t finished serving his time; he’s been in the pen since March 15, 2012, and would not be eligible for parole until May of 2024.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Isn’t it funny that you don’t have any complaints about Obama’s pardon of Bradley / Chelsea Manning?

      Or how about Obama’s commuting of the sentence of Dwight Loving?

      Dwight Loving,was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, was convicted in 1989 of two counts of premeditated murder for the killing of two taxi drivers. The former Army private first class also had been convicted of two counts of robbery and other various felonies. Loving willingly provided a videotaped confession. He has been on death row for 24 years.

      Or Obama’s commutation of the sentence of Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez,….

      who was serving 55 years in prison for plotting to overthrow the U.S. government and an additional 15 years for conspiring to escape from Leavenworth federal prison, had his sentence commuted. The 74-year-old former leader of the FALN movement will be released by May 17.

      And where is your outrage at the Clinton pardon of Marc Rich?

      The commodities trader fled to Switzerland in 1983, accused of evading $48m in taxes and illegally trading with Iran in oil. But Rich, whose ex-wife was a prominent fundraiser for the Democrats, was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day as US president in what a New York Times editorial called “a shocking abuse of presidential power and a reminder of why George W Bush’s vow to restore integrity to the Oval Office resonates with millions of Americans”.

      You support pardons and commuting of sentences by presidents you support, yet hate those by a president you hate.

      All you have is hate, Jeffery. As a member of the left, all you have is hate.

      • Dana says:

        Technically, President Obama didn’t pardon Mr Manning, but simply commuted his sentence; his felony convictions remain.

        Mr Manning has filed for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat in Maryland currently held by Ben Cardin. ‘Twould be amusing to see the voters in the laughable nicknamed Free State nominate Mr Manning for that seat, and then have a choice between a sensible Republican and the whacko Mr Manning.

        • gitararver says:

          There is no “technically” at all. You are 100% right.

          I saw the error a couple of hours ago and have been so busy that I wasn’t able to get back and correct it. Thanks for catching it and bringing it up.

          As for Manning, you may have seen that he / she tweeted out a suicide note the other day and then took it down.


        • gitarcarver says:

          (Somehow my original reply to this got lost. PEBOK!)

          Dana, there is no “technically.” You are 100% right. I saw that my reply wasn’t quite right a couple of hours ago and was going to come back and make it clear that the Manning sentence was commuted and not a pardon.

          I didn’t make it back in time and so thanks for pointing out the error.

          Don’t know if you noticed, but Manning tweeted out the other day that s/he was thinking of suicide. Just what we want in an elected official. Still, apparently s/he got some help and that’s a good thing.

          • Rescued. Went into spam cue, most likely due to misspelling of blog address, which returns a 404.

          • gitarcarver says:

            Went into spam cue, most likely due to misspelling of blog address, which returns a 404

            Like I said….. PEBOK!


            It was a lot of typing and working on the keyboard yesterday which resulted in a lot of errors – even more than my normal amount.

            BTW – on your new “Privacy Page” you list “Your Contact Information” as your email. I took that part of the form to be “what the site does with the visitor’s contact information” not how reach us. (Wouldn’t it be “our contact information” if it were how to contact the owner?)

            One way or the other, one of is not as correct as we probably should be and so if you have an opinion,…….

    • formwiz says:

      Lefties like Jeffery think laws only apply to Conservatives. And if they don’t apply, make it look like they apply.

      Most people figure D’Souza was railroaded.

      • Jeffery says:

        D’Souza pleaded guilty to illegal campaign contributions, which he clearly made. The only question was whether the prosecutor should have shown “discretion” with this particular lawbreaker.

        Do you advocate the government use discretion on which lawbreakers to pursue? For example, previous administrations used discretion in hunting down undocumented immigrants. The tRump Party insists on punishing them.

      • Jeffery says:

        Plenty of Dems/libs have gone to jail. tRump is even considering pardoning Dem ex-Gov Blago who was sentenced to 14 years for corruption. He was prosecuted by President Obama’s DOJ.

        • david7134 says:

          You have no idea as to what you are talking about and for the most part you are lying, typical troll.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Who’s next? Dylann Storm Roof? James Alex Fields, Jr.?

  4. Dana says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t recall seeing any soldiers whose ACU pants fit quite that way.

  5. formwiz says:

    As always, Jeffery ignores the girl and whines about Trump doing to a few people who were railroaded what Willie and Zippy did for actual felons.

    • Jeffery says:


      What makes you think I ignore the women?

      We’re certain that Presidents Clinton and Obama followed the DOJ regs when they pardoned people.

      POS tRump, not so much – he pardons celebrities and has no interest in justice. Now he wants to pardon felonious contestants from his dumb reality show.

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