Everyone’s Saying Trump Will Pull Out Of Iran Deal, So, He’s Most Likely Staying In

Look, as stated many, many times, the Iran deal is a bad deal. America really gets little out of it. It is a one sided deal, brokered by people who do not understand how to conduct a win-win negotiation. So, what will happen? Here’s the Washington Post front page headline and sub-head blurb

Trump expected to impede Iran nuclear deal
President Trump is expected to announce that he will not continue to waive sanctions against Iran, according to current and former U.S. and foreign officials. Iran has threatened to reactivate its nuclear program if the United States reneges on any of its obligations under the 2015 pact.

The LA Times takes a middle ground

Allies and adversaries alike worry as Trump sets stage for reveal on Iran deal

President Trump on Tuesday could make good on his longstanding threat to tear up the Iran nuclear accord — or he could heap fresh disdain on the landmark disarmament pact while charting a course that would keep key elements in place, at least for now.

CNN is also middle ground

World holds breath for Trump’s Iran deal decision

President Donald Trump on Tuesday can land his most devastating blow yet on the legacy of Barack Obama, but a move to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal could also spark a dangerous global crisis.

ABC News and the UK Guardian

And, of course, the paper of record, NY Times

Unswayed by Allies, Trump Is Expected to Leave Iran Deal, Diplomats Say

President Trump is expected to announce on Tuesday that he is withdrawing the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, European diplomats said after concluding that they had failed to convince him that reneging on America’s commitment to the pact could cast the West into new confrontation with Tehran.

Many others are claiming he’ll pull the U.S., and, since Trump always likes to do the unexpected, I expect him to stay in the deal at this time, while demanding full compliance to the letter of the agreement in full, while slapping restrictions and sanctions on Iran as much as he can. At this point, what difference does it make? Iran either works on making nuclear weapons now or nuclear weapons in the late 2020’s. And in the 2020’s is on Barack Obama and John Kerry. Plus, if Trump pulls out, none of the others will pull out, so, it won’t really harm Iran and all the money they now have flowing in.

Oh, hey, what’s this from the NY Times

Here’s How the Nuclear Deal Slowed Iran Down

That’s right, it slowed their nuclear program down. It did not stop it, despite all the happy “let’s make Obama look awesome” talk from news outlets.

The same outlets are also prognosticating doom if Trump pulls the U.S. out. They say that oil prices will spike, that there will be economic doom. In other words, everything will be fine.

Senator Marco Rubio: President Trump should nix the Iran nuclear deal

Rubio does a very good job of laying out how bad this deal is. The question here is, would it make much of a difference if the U.S. pulled out after these few years it has been in operation, when European nations and others will refuse to reinstate sanctions and just continue to do business with Iran? Remember, many of those same nations did business with Iraq under Saddam despite all the U.N. sanctions.

We’ll wait and see what Trump does.

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6 Responses to “Everyone’s Saying Trump Will Pull Out Of Iran Deal, So, He’s Most Likely Staying In”

  1. Zachriel says:

    The atomic bomb is 1940s technology, and is therefore available to just about any country that wants one. Only if a country is convinced it is not in their own best interest will they not move towards acquiring a nuclear capability. And this will require a strong international consensus based on a reduction of nuclear arms and nuclear non-proliferation.

  2. formwiz says:

    If there’s a way to stay in it so it brings down the mullahs, he’ll find it.

  3. John Allen says:

    “The deal slowed down Iran’s obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

    You have to be kidding. With the inspection limitations, they could be mass producing the weapons all over the country.

    Iran needs to be locked in a cage until the citizens replace the current government with a more rational body that isn’t trying to absorb or kill off the rest of the Middle East.

  4. Dana says:

    Well, you guessed wrong: President Trump withdrew from the JCPOS JCPOA. He did the right thing.

    • He punked me, when I figured he’d punked the media! No fair! He made the right decision. And, now, if our EU allies, mostly France and Germany, are upset, tough shit. They should remember which country is their friend and which is pushing hardcore Islam.

  5. As I recall the Obama administration saying over and over, this “deal” was non-binding.

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