Kamala Harris Backs Striking Public Sector Workers Over Graduating Kids, People In Need Of Medical Service

Overall, though, this is less about Kamala, who is considered a leading contender to run for the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2020, and more about why public sector unions should be abolished

Sen. Kamala Harris backs out of commencement speech at UC Berkeley

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is heeding a boycott call by striking University of California employees and announced Monday that she will not be commencement speaker at UC Berkeley ceremonies.

Harris said she “regretfully” won’t attend Saturday’s spring commencement due to the labor dispute and the call for a university-wide speaker boycott. Instead, UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ will deliver the keynote address.

Harris says she wishes the estimated 5,800 students “success for the future.

She had made a commitment to be the speaker, and she reneged on it. For shame. Here’s the really important part

Thousands of UC custodians, security guards, gardeners and other service workers began a three-day walkout on Monday to address gender pay inequalities and demand higher wages.

The Associated Press reported that officials at UC Davis Medical Center were forced to reschedule more than 100 cancer exams and 150 radiology exams.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 called for the strike, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. The union includes 25,000 service workers.

The report said medical workers sympathetic to the strikers are set to join walkouts set for the next few days. Essential patient care will be provided, the report said. Hundreds of surgeries, however, were rescheduled.

Got that? These workers who are demanding a 20% pay hike on the public dime are already paid at or above market rate on the public dime have caused lots of problems for people who need cancer exams and surgeries. These are the people that Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party are backing. Just remember the unhinged talk aimed at Trump and Republicans about PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE (non-essential) GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ARE CLOSED. WE’RE DOOMED!!!!! during the brief shutdowns.

Public sector unions need to go. These are government employees. They live off the backs of the working American taxpayers. It would be one thing if the unions simply existed to protect employees from terrible bosses (don’t the Dems tell us that Government is awesome?), but when people whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayers decide to walk off the job and strike, causing problems for the taxpayers in a manner where the government is essentially extorting the government, there’s a problem.

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