You’re Burger Habit Is Going To Maybe Possibly Cause A Temperature Roller Coaster

You’re killing us, dude, for refusing to stop eating meat

A Temperature Roller Coaster Could Be Coming

New research suggests that global warming could cause temperature swings to get unusually extreme. And the regions where the biggest swings will occur are among the poorest in the world — and the least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

Climate scientists already know that as the planet warms, there’s a bigger chance of extreme weather: bigger hurricanes, for example, or heavier rainfall.

But a temperature roller coaster could be on the way as well, according to the study, which appears in the journal Science Advances.

Sebastian Bathiany at Wageningen University in the Netherlands says his calculations indicate that variations in temperature will increase — the normal swings between high and low temperatures will get wider. The variations aren’t apparent yet but will be in coming decades, Bathiany says.

So, greenhouse gases are going to make things hotter and colder! Maybe. Possibly, They think. Their computer models tell them this might happen. In the future. So, you need to pay a carbon tax.

This won’t happen everywhere, because different conditions affect temperature in different parts of the world. In the tropics, soil moisture plays a big role in moderating or “buffering” temperature swings, according to Bathiany. It’s kind of like the so-called Goldilocks effect — moisture keeps temperatures somewhere in between very hot and very cold.

What this means is that they’ve created the conditions where they can blame any and all weather on ‘climate change’ from greenhouse gases by saying “we told you these things would happen in some places but not others.” But if it doesn’t happen in one place, that is totally consistent with their computer models, too. Everything is Proof. Basically, if it happens, it’s your fault.

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