‘Climate Change’ (scam) Scientists Flee To France Or Something

Good. Go live on their public money for your shoddy science

U.S. Climate Scientists Flee For France To ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’

Fourteen climate researchers, including six from U.S. universities, have been selected for French President Emmanuel Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” initiative. The scientists applied to move to France to carry out climate science projects in the country’s top research laboratories.

The selected researchers include some of America’s brightest scientific talents: Alexey Fedorov, a Yale professor and Guggenheim fellow, and James Clark, a Duke University climate expert, according to a press release Wednesday from France’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Researchers hailing from universities in several other countries, including Canada and Saudi Arabia, also were selected.

So, not actually fleeing, just taking an offer along with some people from other countries. Huh. And Warmists, and the media, wonder why no one trusts them.

Speaking for France

Climate change aid to poor nations lags behind Paris pledges
Donor nations’ 2020 target of $100bn annual fund for adapting economies falls short by near 50% says Oxfam

It’s like they don’t want to part with their own money.

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