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NY Times: Say, We Need To Do Away With This Whole Equal Protection Under The Law Thing

Here’s a super hot take from Laurie Rollitt A Billionaire and a Nurse Shouldn’t Pay the Same Fine for Speeding If Mark Zuckerberg and a janitor who works at Facebook’s headquarters each received a speeding ticket while driving home from work, they’d each owe the government the same amount of money. Mr. Zuckerberg wouldn’t bat […]

If All You See…

…is carbon un-friendly dog, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Vulgar Curmudgeon, with a post on what comes after gun grabbers have exploited their own children.

It’s Your Addiction To Tasty Burgers That’s Causing Indy’s Pothole Mess

Potholes never happened before CO2 carbon pollution atmosphere cancer went above 350ppm Letters: Climate change lies behind Indy’s pothole mess As I swerved down the street today on my way to work, passing over some freshly patched potholes and dodging others, it occurred to me that more potholes may be, for Midwesterners, one of the […]

OMG: Republicans Want To Cut Taxes Again And Let You Keep More Of Your Own Money!

This is horrible. Horrific. Terrible. Abominable. Dreadful. Appalling. Gruesome. So says the Washington Post’s Excitable Catherine Rampell Get ready. Republicans want to cut taxes again. Just months ago, Republicans got away with a massive upward redistribution of wealth, raiding $1.5 trillion from the Treasury and sticking future generations with the bill. Now, they’re going for more. […]

Illegal Alien “Activist” Claims Deportation Action Is Political

Could it be political? (King5) An immigration judge Thursday gave the government until early next month to respond to the allegations of an immigrant-rights advocate who says she’s been targeted for deportation because of her political activism. Dozens of supporters greeted Maru Mora-Villalpando, 47, as she arrived outside a downtown Seattle building for her first […]

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