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We’re Saved: Taylor Swift Totally Backs March For Our Lives, Promises To Give Up Her Own Security

OK, I was kidding about that latter part. And Taylor hahttps://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2018/03/23/because-im-a-mom-2a-advocates-fire-back-at-gun-grabbers-on-whyicarry/s lots of security, and the chances are that they are armed (Daily Caller) Taylor Swift showed her support for the “March For Our Lives” gun control protest Saturday with a financial donation and praise for the Parkland students. “No one should have to go […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful bricks which can be used to make roads for horses which should replace fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on your Marxist moron of the day. PS: no, that’s not an areola. Shadow. Full size photo is a […]

Paris Climate Agreement Success: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2017

This is the fallout from the super-historic, super-mega awesome Paris Climate (scam) Agreement Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2017 Global energy-related carbon emissions rose to a historic high of 32.5 gigatons last year, after three years of being flat, due to higher energy demand and the slowing of energy efficiency improvements, the International […]

Heat Trapping Gases Could Totally Cause More Spring Snow Storms

I see you eating your breakfast sandwich with its horrible sausage from evil carbon pollution pigs, that you picked up while commuting to work in your evil fossil fueled vehicle: this is all your fault, and you should be forced to pay a tax to solve this whole thing, according to the people that use […]

America’s Gun Laws Cause Illegal Immigration Or Something

Hey, look, we can get gun grabbing and illegal immigration in one article, via the always nutty New Yorker The Link Between America’s Lax Gun Laws and the Violence That Fuels Immigration In the summer of 2009, a sixty-three-year-old professional bass fisherman from Florida named Hugh Crumpler III was arrested for international arms trafficking. For years, […]

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