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King Penguins Could Maybe Possibly Disappear By 2100 Or Something

Today’s story of Future Doom (well, one of them, because there are lots out there) Study: King penguins could disappear by end of century Rising temperatures due to climate change could push Antarctica’s king penguin populations to the brink of extinction, according to a new study published on Tuesday. The study, published in the journal […]

If All You See…

…is a mountain devoid of snow because Someone Else used a plastic bag, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on the failing blue wave.

Say, Can White Roofs Help With Urban Heat Island Effect?

Every once in a while Warmists make a mistake in highlighting that all their caterwauling about ‘climate change’ is beyond overblown (YaleEnvironment360) Summers in the city can be extremely hot — several degrees hotter than in the surrounding countryside. But recent research indicates that it may not have to be that way. The systematic replacement […]

Gun Grabbers: Hey, Let’s Go After The Companies That Manufacture Guns

Remember, Democrats are not trying to grab all your guns. They aren’t trying to take away anyone’s 2nd Amendment Rights. They’re just trying to implement some common sense gun control, you guys. Or so they say, right up till they keep exposing their true agenda, which is to disarm all law abiding citizens Our National […]

AG Sessions Has Harsh Words For California On Immigration

He doesn’t mince words (CNS News) “Immigration law is the province of the federal government,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a gathering of law enforcement officers in Sacramento on Wednesday, as he announced that the Justice Department is suing California over its sanctuary policies. “Stop treating immigration agents differently from everybody else for the purpose […]

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