Good News: Young Warmists Recognized For Being Warmists Due To Un-Scientific Propaganda

Nothing says “I totally believe in science” like basing your beliefs off of something that is simply propaganda

Two Portland students being recognized for their efforts to address climate change

Two Portland middle schoolers are fighting to address climate change. It’s a fight to educate local students and lawmakers that’s now being recognized around the world.

“We’re the ones affected the most by climate change,” said Jeremy Clark. “We have to do something.”

Eighth graders Jeremy Clark and Charlie Abrams began their mission after Clark saw a cover of National Geographic Magazine.

“I was in the fourth grade and I saw this National Geographic Magazine and the picture on the front was the Statue of Liberty and she was up to her waist in water. It said this is the ice that melted,” said Clark. “I thought, well I don’t want that to happen.”

The two decided to create their own blog they’ve named It’s a website meant to teach their peers about climate change.

This is all based on junk science. The Statue Of Liberty is not going to see sea rise up to her waist. It’s not going to see sea rise to the top of the pedestal. Heck, probably not even up to the pedestal.

This is the kind of garbage kids are being taught and exposed to

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