Rand Paul: When Republicans Are In Power, There Is No Conservative Party

Rand Paul’s speech on the Senate floor has annoyed many Republicans, and caused a brief shutdown. Perhaps these Republicans should have listened to the speech

(Real Clear Politics) When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power, it seems there is no conservative party.

You see, opposition seems to bring people together, and they know what they’re not for. But then they get in power and they decide, we’re just going to spend that money too. We’re going to send that money to our friends this time. (snip)

The dirty little secret is that, by and large, both parties don’t care about the debt.

The spending bill is 700 pages, and there will be no amendments.

The debate, although it’s somewhat inside baseball that we’re having here, is over me having a 15-minute debate. And they say, ‘Woe is me! If you get one, everybody will want an amendment.’

Well, that would be called debate.

That would be called an open process.

That would be called concern for your country, enough to take a few minutes.

And they’re like, ‘But it’s Thursday, and we like to be on vacation on Fridays.’

And so they clamor. We’ve been sitting around all day. It’s not like we’ve had 100 amendments today, we’re all worn out and can’t do one more. We’re going to have zero amendments. Zero, goose egg, no amendments.

There’s lots more to this. Click over to the RCP article to read it all, and there is video. You can see why Republicans would be upset, because Senator Paul was simply telling the truth, and roasting Republicans for this spending. That spending bill is 700 pages long?

(The Hill) The House approved a sweeping budget deal early Friday morning that would fund the government through March 23, sending legislation to President Trump that would end a brief shutdown of the government that began at midnight.

That’s right, a 700 page spending bill, which spends lots and lot, and only goes through March 23. Supposedly we’ll see a real budget by then

The bill will fund the government until March 23, which will give lawmakers time to write an omnibus spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year and break the pattern of gridlock that has led to five temporary funding patches since September.

We can’t depend on Republicans to reign in spending. Sure, it’ll be a bit better than if Democrats were in charge, but not much.

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11 Responses to “Rand Paul: When Republicans Are In Power, There Is No Conservative Party”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Senator Paul is right. Now is a perfect storm of a decent economic cycle and an upcoming election looking to be a “challenge” to the GOP. What do they do? A massive tax cut biased to the already wealthy (keeps the donations coming), PR efforts to mollify the voters, massive deficit stimulus spending – non-conservative spending on community health clinics, opioid addiction remediation (curiously run by KellyAnne), children’s healthcare, infrastructure AND lifting the debt ceiling. All for votes in November. Just like Reagan!

    The tax cut plan plus this porkulus bill adds more to the debt than the original stimulus bill when the economy was in free fall! Senator Paul is right. Con Men opposed stimulus when the economy desperately needed it but favor it now when it will likely hurt the economy!

    The risk (as evidenced by the Wall Street “correction”) is that tRump’s Fed will raise interest rates to throw voters out of work to cool the economy. When working class wages start to rise, elites get nervous, and they control the economy. Genuine full employment puts too much bargaining power into the hands of the workers. Elites prefer the working classes come to them, hat in hand, begging for a job – any job – on the elites’ terms. The Fed is obligated to take care of the elites.

    Anyway, the GOP will wait until after the election to worry about deficits. Until then they’ll lie that the tax cuts will lead to such economic stimulation that tax revenues will INCREASE, yada, yada, yada! After the elections, Randians such as Ryan and Paul will start sharpening their pencils, cutting government outlays for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. That’s where the easy money is.

    Question: Why weren’t the tRump proposals to put lifetime caps on Medicaid to the working poor considered instituting DEATH PANELS? Your cancer treatments run over the cap – sorry, we can’t pay for your chemo. Buh bye. Your mom with Alzheimer’s has hit her cap in the home, sorry we can’t pay for her anymore. Buh bye. Little Rebecca has reached her lifetime limit on her type I diabetes treatments, sorry the insulin’s on you. Buh bye.

  2. Jeffery says:

    We can’t depend on Republicans to reign (sic) in spending.

    They’re adding a trillion to a 20 trillion debt.

    Not until after November, when they’ll feel free to slash Medicare and Social Security to pay for the massive redistribution to the wealthy and corporations. Can they slash their way to a balanced budget in a politically palatable way? We’ll see.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Bread and Circuses! Cut your taxes, spend borrowed money… for your entertainment, tweets, the Wall, Omarosa, Rocketman and handcuffed Mexicans! Your kids can clean it all up later – if they survive.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Lazy “Loose Shoes”, drama queen tRump doesn’t start his workdays until about 11 AM so the fed government will be shut down this morning until he gets his hair done and FOX AND FRIENDS is over.

    All a Con Man needs are loose shoes, a tight pvssy and a warm place to sh!t. tRump has never felt a tight pvssy (maybe that’s why he prefers raping 13 year old girls) because of his “small hands”, so he spends his morning watching FOX on his warm toilet.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Republicans use deficits to assail Democratic Presidents but when in charge run up deficits – Until Reagan, the national debt had dropped steadily since the end of WWII (120% GDP in the 1940s). During that period we built the modern middle class, interstate highways, schools, expanded Social Security, added Medicare etc. Reagan/Bush I doubled the national debt (30% GDP to 60%), with the rewards going to – wait for it – the wealthy. They DID raise payroll taxes on the working classes – but used that extra income to – wait for it – offset (on paper) their deficits!

    Clinton (D-AR) actually started reducing the national debt by term 2, dropping it from over 65% of GDP to under 60%. Bush II’s tax cuts and ill-fated invasion added another 50% to the debt (60% GDP to 90% GDP). And following the Great Recession President Obama’s tax cuts on the working classes (temporary cut in payroll taxes), increased spending on Medicaid and unemployment, and decreased revenues from the recession, ballooned the deficit again to nearly 100% of GDP.

    With this backdrop, the GOP decides to further cut taxes on the wealthy and INCREASE spending, further adding to the debt.

    Republicans only pay lip service to debt. They use it as a shillelagh to whomp Dems. The GOP is the PR firm for America’s wealthy elites.

    Perhaps Americans will wake up and see the scam that GOP elites and the donor class is running. tRump was supposed to be the working class savior.

    Bread and circuses! Give us all your money, believe our lies and watch us handcuff some Mexicans!

  6. Jl says:

    “A tax cut biased to the wealthy….”. No, all brackets except the lowest saw 2-3% reductions. Those making under 9500$ stayed the same, but in effect they don’t pay any income taxes to begin with.

  7. Jl says:

    By the way, I think our resident excitable liberal needs a fainting couch…

  8. Jl says:

    Proof of “raping a 13 yr old girls”, please. Good luck

  9. Dana says:

    Democrats tax and spend like Democrats; Republicans tax like Republicans, and spend like drunken Democrats.

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