Things Blamed On ‘Climate Change’: Brexit And Venezuela Invading Columbia

It’s utterly amazing that a trace gas that is just over 400 parts per million in the atmosphere can do so darned much

Climate change helped cause Brexit, says Al Gore

Brexit was caused in part by climate change, former US Vice-President Al Gore has said, warning that extreme weather is creating political instability “the world will find extremely difficult to deal with”.

Mr Gore, speaking at an event in which he previewed a sequel to his landmark 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, said the “principal” cause of the Syrian Civil War had been the worst drought in 900 years, which forced 1.5 million people to move from the countryside to the cities.

His argument, which he made after taking a fossil fueled trip from the United States to London, is that Hotcoldwetdry caused the Syrian civil war, which caused people to leave the area, which led them to Europe, which caused strife, which caused Brexit. This is the kind of circular blamestorming argument cult leaders make.

Venezuela Blames Climate Change after Its Troops Invade Colombia

Venezuela tried to downplay its illegal entry of troops into Colombia this week by claiming the constantly changing direction of a river near the border accidentally led the soldiers beyond their jurisdiction.

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said the Venezuelan soldiers entered Colombia’s eastern department of Arauca as a result of the Arauca River, which she said is constantly changing its flow and direction.

It’s pretty much an deflectionary excuse, because, reading the rest of the article, this has happened before, and it appears that the Venezuelan soldiers were taunting the Colombians. But, hey, it’s convenient, eh, Goracle?

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3 Responses to “Things Blamed On ‘Climate Change’: Brexit And Venezuela Invading Columbia”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Al Gore is a titanic embarrassment. I guess that since he refuses to discuss differing views, he’s never had anyone tell him that he has no clothes, continuing to believe his own bullsh!t. Or at least believing that others are stupid enough to believe it.

  2. jl says:

    One verifiable thing that climate change does do, however, is to turn liberals into Drama Queens.

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