Latest Moonbat Idea: Trained Witnesses To Hinder ICE Operations

This sounds like a super dandy idea (via Jazz Shaw at Hot Air)

(SF Gate)  Earlier this month, a network of organizations working under the umbrella group Bay Resistance trained hundreds of volunteers on how to legally observe, so they know how to witness and amass evidence when ICE officers are conducting enforcement efforts.

Between that and other trainings, more than 1,000 San Francisco residents — along with 200 in San Mateo County and 30 in Oakland — have learned how to gather information that can help deportees seek justice. One of the trainers is Blanca Vazquez, the lead organizer with Immigrant Youth Coalition, an organization for undocumented queer and trans youth. Vazquez helps train people to become legal observers and works as a dispatcher for San Francisco’s new rapid-response hotline, where residents can report local ICE activity.

The system works as such: When a call comes in, the dispatchers send a legal observer to the scene to check the validity of the report and to witness what’s going on. Observers are told to stay out of the way and not intervene, even if ICE officers become aggressive with potential detainees.

“The sole purpose of legal observers is to document,” Vazquez says. “That documentation, whether it’s notes, video, or photos, can be used as evidence in court if people are arrested or detained.”

The majority of the people who are being targeted by ICE are convicted felons, with, as I’ve pointed out numerous times, crimes such as murder, assault, robbery, burglary, rape, and sexual assault against a minor, among others. These are the people these liberals are attempting to defend. They really want to defend child molesters.

Leftists keep telling us that we should focus on the bad ones, the criminal ones. Well, that’s who ICE is targeting. Sure, some who aren’t bad ones are swept up, but, hey, they are still violating federal law by being in the country unlawfully.

These are people who (Liberals) fully concede are in the country illegally. By attempting to in any way thwart the activities of ICE in deportation proceedings you are not only assisting criminals but are breaking the law yourself.

This is no sort of activism or “justice” league being trained up here. It’s a criminal organization hiding in plain sight. If you are conspiring to impede the proper actions of law enforcement you should be talking to a good lawyer for yourself, not the person being deported.

Of course, then the same activists will start yammering about “fascism” and stuff. Even though they are breaking the law themselves. It’s all about the feels with these characters.

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One Response to “Latest Moonbat Idea: Trained Witnesses To Hinder ICE Operations”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Even though they are breaking the law themselves.

    It’s breaking the law to observe the actions of an ICE agent? Is that a special law?

    Do you feel it proper to arrest people who are observing or even filming? Can you justify that?

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