Warmists Come Up With A Roadmap To Meet Paris Climate Goals Or Something

Listen, I read a lot of science fiction and horror stories. I love a good space opera story, and I love a good zombie book. I like those Kaiju type books, and ones like Jake Bible’s Mega series. A good mystery. Some vampires (not sparkly). All sorts of fiction. But, really, it’s all more believable than this schlock being pushed by the Cult of Climastrology

Scientists made a detailed “roadmap” for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s eye-opening.

(yammering about the Paris climate agreement)

In a new paper for Science, a group of European researchers lay out a more vivid way to frame the climate challenge — with details on what would have to happen in each of the next three decades if we want to stay below 2°C.

They start with the big picture: To hit the Paris climate goals without geoengineering, the world has to do three broad things:

1) Global CO2 emissions from energy and industry have to fall in half each decade. That is, in the 2020s, the world cuts emissions in half. Then we do it again in the 2030s. Then we do it again in the 2040s. It’s a wrenching, ambitious plan, and they dub this the “carbon law.” Lead author Johan Rockström told me they were thinking of an analogy to Moore’s law for transistors, and we’ll see why.

2) Net emissions from land use — i.e., from agriculture and deforestation — have to fall steadily to zero by 2050. This would need to happen even as the world population grows and we’re feeding ever more people.

3) Technologies to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere have to start scaling up massively, until we’re artificially pulling 5 gigatons of CO2 per year out of the atmosphere by 2050 — nearly double what all the world’s trees and soils already do.

It’s utter fantasy. Are we supposed to stop feeding people? By 2020, no more of what they falsely call subsidies to the fossil fuels industry (which would mean those things which are actually tax breaks would be taken from every other company that uses them), no more coal plants allowed, and all sorts of commitments. And then the real pain starts

2020-2030: Now the hard stuff begins! In this decade, carbon pricing would expand to cover most aspects of the global economy, averaging around $50 per ton (far higher than seen almost anywhere today) and rising. Aggressive energy efficiency programs ramp up. Coal power is phased out in rich countries by the end of the decade and is declining sharply elsewhere. Leading cities like Copenhagen are going totally fossil fuel free. Wealthy countries no longer sell new combustion engine cars by 2030, and transportation gets widely electrified, with many short-haul flights replaced by rail.

So, lots of taxes and restrictions on people’s travels…interesting how this is mostly solved by these, eh?…all while decimating one of the biggest industries on the planet, putting huge numbers of people out of work. People forced to travel like it’s the late 1800’s on trains, instead of planes.

And, of course, relying on technologies that do not work and others that do not exist.

Seriously, how does all this work if members of the Cult of Climastrology refuse to practice what they preach today?

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7 Responses to “Warmists Come Up With A Roadmap To Meet Paris Climate Goals Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Let’s face it. Our descendants are fucked. Sucks to be them!

    Rather than us worry about it, why don’t we just deny that CO2 emissions are causing warming. Problem solved. Our Denier-in-Chief King (DICK) will be dead before the worst could possibly happen, so don’t worry, be happy. Anyway, the whole thing is a plot by Chinese commies to take over the world.

    It is unAmerican to sacrifice anything for anyone else, especially for people yet to be born!

    The most obvious flaw in TEACH’s “logic” is that slashing CO2 emissions happens in a figurative vacuum. If you place a realistic social cost on fossil fuels, market place magic will drive innovation AND jobs. If the price of gasoline doubles do people give up driving for walking? No, they innovate.

    Anyway, our descendants are fucked.

    We will not stay below 2C warming. 4C warming by the turn of the century is most likely. 4C is catastrophic. Note too that the increase will not happen suddenly… the average global surface temperature increase 2C… then 3C… then 4C. And we are seeing impacts on human societies already. Keeping one’s head in the sand still allows your ass to get burnt.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Anyway, our descendants are fucked.

      Nah, just yours.
      The grandson in particular after what you did to him.

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    First thing you gotta face is your descendants always have been fucked regardless of Fake Science. After all you’ll pass down that “commie chromosome” and coupled with your complete inability to grasp logic and your feminine predisposition to hysteria over every thing that doesn’t go your way and yeah, your descendants are truly fucked.

    I finally agree with you. Well, partially.

  3. jl says:

    “If you place a realistic social cost on fossil fuels….” “If” Yes, and that hasn’t been done. “4 degrees is catastrophic.” Absolutely no evidence of that. Saying something “could” happen in the future isn’t by any means evidence. “If the price of gasoline doubles, do people give up-no, they innovate.” Glad you said that. Same as “if the climate changes, humans will adapt”, right? Yes, right. Thanks, J

  4. Phil says:

    I just saw this youtube presentation that takes a middle of the road approach.
    It is very well done.
    Most people believe or do not believe in Man Made Climate change based on idealogy, yet know very little about it. This therefore is a great overview with a point of view that everyone can respect. I wish everyone would watch it but I have discovered that left wing leaning people believe in climate change because they believe that it can be used to further their agenda, and right wing leaning people also believe it is a vehicle to advance a left wing agenda, therefore it does not matter if Man Made Climate change is true or not to most people because they have already made up their minds. They CHOOSE to believe or not to believe and facts be damned. For those still open minded this is a very reasonable approach to the issue. I wish all students would watch this and their teachers are not too threatened to present it to them.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Scientific evidence is not a matter of opinion. Climate scientists understand that CO2 is causing the Earth to warm (Even Warren Meyer, a climate change denier, admits this). He contends that an increase of 2 or even 4C will not affect humans. He has several small fibs as well to support his position.

  6. david7134 says:

    In the years of commenting here, you have never provided any scientific evidence of anything. You have only referred to computer models that are consistently wrong and to accumulations of correlations that are not causation. Now you come up with carp to justify the false premises to justify a power grab for world government. Fortunately our president is shutting you down.

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