Durham Cancels Traffic Checkpoints So As To Not Upset Illegal Aliens

Traffic checkpoints are a tough thing to deal with in the first place. Are they Constitutional? Are they legal? When they occur, they are trying to fish for law breaking, not specifically targeting a potential lawbreaker. The US Supreme Court found that DUI checkpoints were Constitutional in Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz (1990), as long as they were properly conducted. However, traffic checkpoints, whether for immigration, license checks, seat belts, and so forth, typically fall outside the range of “reasonable suspicion.” There are various court decisions for and against checkpoints. Just because driving is a privilege, not a Right, doesn’t necessarily mean the police can essentially stop you with no suspicion.

Regardless, this is what it’s come to In Durham, NC

(WTVD) The Durham Police Department is suspending traffic checkpoints in the city in an effort to build better community relations.

“Because of the climate and the pulse of the community and the fear that exists, I did send a directive out,” said Chief C.J. Davis. “This was done to dispel fears that have currently arisen and to further encourage sustainable relationships with the diverse community we serve.”

The directive was issued last week.

Officers will continue to participate in multi-jurisdictional highway safety campaigns, such as Booze It & Lose It and Click It or Ticket.

“When planned and executed appropriately, these operations are very effective. However, in recent weeks there has been national and local concern regarding the role of local law enforcement officers in federal immigration enforcement,” said Davis.

That’s right, they are suspending checkpoints because illegal aliens might be upset over being stopped, asked if they have a legal license (as well as insurance for their vehicle and if the vehicle is properly registered), and usually let go on their way, because Durham is a sanctuary city. But, they might be made scared and feel sad, so, the policy had to go.

Davis argues the policy will bring the community together and help the department fight violent crime.

“We don’t want our citizens to feel that they can’t report crimes. If they’re not reporting crimes and providing us the intelligence that we need, we can’t solve crimes in this city,” said Davis.

First, the illegal aliens are crime. And, there wouldn’t be this concern if they weren’t unlawfully present in the United States.

Second, most of the crime in Durham doesn’t originate from the Hispanic illegal aliens. That’s a different story.

As Curly Bill notes in the story comments

It’s sad that laws are not enforced just because a few people are offended. Since when did criminals start controlling how we keep our society safe? That tells me that Durham has weak leadership.

Durham has mostly Democrat leadership, which has determined that patronizing illegal aliens takes priority.

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