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Two Illegal Aliens Appointed To Huntington Park Commission

This is exactly the kind of utter insanity that has Donald Trump leading the GOP polls (LA Times) Julian Zatarain always assumed the doors of City Hall were closed to him because he is here illegally, arriving from Sinaloa in 2007 when he was 13. The 21-year-old college student found other outlets for service, such […]

If All You See…

…are coral reefs being bleached from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Allen B. West, with a post on a comment that should make the DHS chief resign.

North Carolina To Fight Obama’s Silly Climate Change Plan

And this is one the big reasons why we elect Republicans (News and Observer) But resistance to the plan is hardening in Raleigh. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says the EPA misinterpreted the federal Clean Air Act. The state will file a legal challenge. “Not only will these new federal rules raise electricity […]

Amy Schumer Joins Chuck Schumer In Pushing Gun Control, Protecting White People

Liberal gun grabbers never stop, and, all of a sudden, Amy Schumer is Concerned (GMA) Comedian Amy Schumer is joining forces with her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, to push for new gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. The “Trainwreck” star appeared with the New York senator this morning at a news conference with a sign […]

Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In The World Says There’s No Plan B On Climate Change

Let’s remember, this is a guy who took a big fossil fueled auto convoy to Andrews to play a round of golf, then jumped in a fossil fueled helicopter to get to a fossil fueled plane. This was just this past weekend. This is a guy who has taken separate flights from his family for […]

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