ISIS Throws Another Gay Man From Roof, Stoned To Death When Survives

Here’s your Religion of Peace

(UK Daily Mail) A man has reportedly been blindfolded and thrown off a tower block in Syria for ‘being gay’ before being stoned to death after surviving the fall.

New images have emerged appearing to show ISIS militants hurling the man off the seven-storey building in the town of Tal Abyad in Raqqa.

The man, who was supposedly being punished for having a ‘homosexual affair’, apparently survived the fall, but was stoned to death by a waiting crowd at the foot of the tower block.

Here’s what’s amazing to me: ISIS and the other hardcore Islamists are virulently anti-gay. Liberals, though, can barely, if ever, take it upon themselves to oppose the Islamists in any fashion. U.S. Conservatives, though, are continuously slammed as a whole for any opposition to gay marriage, which 99.9999% of the time is peaceful. Islamists throw them from roofs. Hang them. Stone them. Jail them. Yet, not a peep from Liberals who are supposedly pro-gay.

Why? Good question. Liberals seem to be mostly incapable of condemning the actions and beliefs of the Islamists; instead, they do all they can to protect the entire Muslim religion, using many strawman arguments. One of my favorite new ones is that the hardcore violent Islamists are only 1% of the entire Muslim population. If we’re saying that there are 1.6 billion Muslims, that means 16 million are violent jihadis.

Of course, there are plenty of opinion polls showing the number of Muslims whom approve of violent attacks. They may not perform them themselves, but they are A-OK with them. And like them. And want them to happen. Yet, Leftists here in the U.S. and throughout the 1st World go to great pains to not use any harsh words against Muslims, and even go so far as to say that groups like ISIS are “no Islamic”. The only reason I can think of is that Leftist’s have a kneejerk reaction to any issue those on the Right are concerned about, so, Leftists have to take a 99.99% opposite reaction. Or, perhaps, they are just scared to condemn a religion which tends to react in a violent manner to any criticism.

During the same month, ISIS – also known as Islamic State or ISIL – released a document on social media, explaining the rules of its ‘penal code’, which is being brutally enforced across ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq.

Entitled ‘Clarification [regarding] the Hudud’, the document contains a list of the punishments handed out for crimes committed in the Islamic State, in accordance with the extremist group’s radical interpretation of Shariah law.

All punishments are carried out after a ‘trial’ at an Islamic State court and, after the sentencing, the prisoner is taken into the centre of the town or city.

All forms of blasphemy against Islam are punished by execution, even if the accuser chooses to repent of their sins. Likewise, committing murder, spying, apostasy or sodomy is punished by immediate death.

Anyone found guilty of banditry, specifically murder and stealing, is put to death by crucifixion.

According to Islamic State’s reading of Shariah law, thieves have a hand cut off. It is unclear whether the victim can choose which hand is removed.

Flogging is another common punishment carried out under Islamic State.

According to the document, 80 lashes of the whip is given to anyone who drinks alcohol or is found guilty of committing slander. Normally the whipping is not carried out on bare skin.

The punishment of stoning, where heavy rocks are thrown or piled on top of the victim, is ordered for any married man or woman who has committed adultery.

A hundreds lashes and immediate exile is given to any man or woman who has sex outside of marriage.

I anticipate Leftists immediately attempting to turn this around and condemn Conservatives, perhaps using the talking point that Conservatives believe the same things, mostly in an attempt to deflect the subject matter away from hardcore Islam. This is what they do. They just can’t seem to find it in themselves to condemn a brutal, repressive, violent, regressive subsection of Islam, which continues to spread their hardcore religious beliefs throughout the world, turning more and more Muslims to their Islamist ways.

Leftists have apparently decided that they’d rather ignore the plight of gays and women within the Islamist world, that they’d rather protect the Islamists over the danger to women and gays.

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15 Responses to “ISIS Throws Another Gay Man From Roof, Stoned To Death When Survives”

  1. bob sykes says:

    What liberals need is a good stiff dose of Sharia Law applied to their own arses.

    If the Muslis do take over, I will convert and participate in the fun.

  2. david7134 says:

    I am willing to bet that our liberals would still “tolerate” Islam and all its associated problems. That is because tolerance is the absolute worst in bigotry and our liberals have clearly shown their hate. But, don’t be surprised if the two that inhabit this site will not start going on about Christians and Jews.

  3. John says:

    Hold on there Billy the Christian bible says that the gay is an abomination
    5000 witches are killed in Africa each year but not a peep from you on THAT
    The biggest human death tolls in the last 30 years have been Christians killing other Christians in central Africa a total of about 5 million dead
    I have lived in Afghanistan under sharia law for 6 months and another. 4 months in southern phillipines and Borneo you idiots have no idea what sharia law is you have no first hand experience in life and all your ideas and emotions are second hand

  4. John says:

    There ain’t a dimes worth of difference between the right wing’s fav monarchy Saudi Arabia and the ISIS
    ISIS was funded by OUR allies in the Mid East all those monarchies that sell us oil and that we went to war with Iraq for
    Maybe you rightwing fas costs would like ISIS more if you knew THEY sell oil at half price since you are do willing to forgive the Saudis ANC the Kuwaitis their sharia. Law
    Want a laugh ??? Google search for Bush dressed in drag in Saudi Arabia

  5. Nighthawk says:

    You want to talk about who has killed the most?

    How about liberals? The ones that condone government sanctioned murder, otherwise known as abortion.

  6. And John proves me right. He’s unable to condemn hard core Islam in the least. Instead, he trots out anti-Christian propaganda. Color me shocked!

    John apparently forgets about the Rwandan genocide. Not Christian. He forgets that Muslims have slaughtered hundred of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and others over the last 20-30 years.

    But, facts matter little to John. And gas and women come in last when Islam is mentioned on Johns world.

  7. Jeffery says:


    Pro-lifers call legal abortion “murder” but it clearly isn’t.

    In fact, you don’t even consider it murder. What have you done to stop these “murders”? Type about it?

  8. Jeffery says:

    Really bob? You’d convert to Islam just to torture liberals?

    If you could, bob, would you vote for politicians who support discriminating against liberals or gays or atheists?

  9. Jeffery says:

    It’s good that cons are turning against the practice of capital punishment! I agree.

  10. Zachriel says:

    William Teach: John apparently forgets about the Rwandan genocide. Not Christian.

    The genocide was committed by the largely Christian Hutu community, with the complicity of many (but not all) clergy. After the genocide, there was a surge of converts to Islam due to Muslim protection of Tutsis.

  11. Casey says:

    Damn, Jeffy, teh stoopid just keeps getting stronger for you. Did someone die and appoint you God, that you know what murder is?

    Murder is a form of homicide. Homicide is the killing of a human being. Apparently you have divine knowledge on just exactly when a fetus becomes a human being.

    John dances like a crazy monkey exactly as Teach predicted. For the terminally clueless, tu quoque is not a valid counter-argument.

    Before I forget, little Johnny, a suggestion: get your head out of your fourth point of contact and research whether a massacre/ethnic cleansing was carried out in the name of a religion. Mmmmkay? You might find out that killing people of other tribes is a favorite pastime in Africa, and has little to do with religion. If you want an example of murder in the name of religion, try Boko Haram. You have yet to address Teach’s main point that western progressive/liberals seem incapable of criticizing Islam per se. They love to crack on Christians all day long, and disguise anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism, but point their metaphorical guns at the followers of Allah? {crickets}

    The fact of the matter is that Muslim countries have a habit of doing things like executing gays for being gay, converts for switching to a different religion, or anyone who draws offensive cartoons. I don’t see that in western non-Muslim countries.

    Now, if progressive/liberals could learn how to differentiate between valid criticism of the crazies and what they “Islamophobia” they might develop a couple of intellectually responsible arguments.

    Teach, with respect to your question about why they’re so shy about Islam, I vote for (mostly) a desire to avoid decapitation. That kind of thing can ruin your whole day.


  12. jl says:

    So, John has lived among the barbarians and is still shows a stunning lack of awareness. Big surprise.

  13. John says:

    Many if the jar line right wing American Christian groups have been responsible for the draconian laws being passed in Christian African countries
    Calling for life jmprisonment. For being The Gay
    Teach why haven’t you mentioned this?
    The only thing you might do us somehow blame the gay lefties for not doing more
    Yeah think the new GOP congress is ready to take on global gay rights ?
    Please update us in this

  14. Jeffery says:


    You’re just being silly. Murder is the unlawful killing of a person by another person with malice aforethought. See the unlawful part? See the person part? Your religion doesn’t change the definition of murder. Not all killing is even murder. Abortion is not murder. Killing in self-defense is not murder. Capital punishment is not murder. Killing the enemy in war is not murder. George Zimmerman

    I criticize Islam per se constantly. There is no evidence of allahs or gods or any of that make-believe stuff. Islam is as silly, if not more silly than Judaism and Christianity. But the mass of Muslims are no goofier than the mass of Christians.

    The Christian Church (not just an extremist wing of it) used to kill and torture people – until governments became more powerful than the Church. Western culture wisely kicked the Church out of governments. Most developing nations are still in bed with Islam or the Catholic church – to their national detriment.

    Liberal Western culture civilized the Christian Church. Secular culture will eventually civilize radical Islam.

  15. Deserttrek says:

    the left wing sickness is beyond the pale … what else can one expect from abusers of children and the eldrerly

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