Bummer: “world could turn nearly uninhabitable within current lifetimes” From Hotcoldwetdry


Abrupt Climate Change, Already?

There are some serious scientists who believe it is already here. If their analysis is correct, the world could turn nearly uninhabitable within current lifetimes.

And those serious scientists are looking at real data, right?

Nevertheless, it’s the scientists who base their opinion on first hand knowledge, “boots on the ground,” who are screaming the loudest. They do not let the “ computer models” override what they personally experience. In contrast, they see and feel the reality “in the field.”

So, we’ve blown by computer models and now look towards feelings based “science”. Good grief.

As it goes, the American public may be caught off guard, unprepared, and ill equipped to press its political establishment for appropriate action because abrupt climate change has a history of happening very, very quickly, within decades, not over hundreds of years.

Strange that Warmists aren’t actually living the carbon neutral life, eh? It’s always about some government solution that harms Other People.

There’s lots of hand wringing over the Arctic, and

According to John Nissen: “Sea ice could disappear at the end of summer as soon as next September.

Despite a general increase in Arctic sea ice over the last few years. And it still wouldn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: “world could turn nearly uninhabitable within current lifetimes” From Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. John says:

    Teach did you mean to say Antarctic. Instead of Arctic?
    And if so shouldn’t you add that at the South Pole sea ice is only 2% of all ice and that the total volume of Antarctic ice isdecreasing rather quickly ? As is the total volume of all ice on the planet,

  2. Kevin says:

    Surely John you know that the antarctic sea ice has been setting record after record for most sea ice ever observed, don’t you? And that antarctic land ice grows at an average rate of 1/2″ per year, right?

    But it’s nothing to be worried about. Stop fearing change, John. It’s just been a little chilly down there. It will warm up again. Sooner or later.

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