“Climate Change” To Cause More Severe Frosts

The cult is at it again

(ABC Australia) Frosts like the ones that caused so much damage to crops this season could be more common for the next 20 years, according to scientists.

They say greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were changing the way high pressure systems formed and moved, causing severe frost problems for farmers.

Is there nothing that you driving your fossil fueled vehicle which releases heat trapping greenhouse gases can’t do?

“It was very, very large as well, so that’s why it took so long to cross the continent and it basically just dragged very cold, dry, stable air in from the Antarctic and dumped it onto the regions affected.

“Basically what that meant was we had five days in a row of temperatures that were sub-zero in major cropping regions for 12 hours.

“It’s the duration of those events that caused the devastating damage that producers are seeing.”

Ms Rebbeck said the synoptic changes were coming as a result of greenhouse gases.

Got that? Cold is caused by hot. And people wonder why skeptics refer to this as a cult.

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8 Responses to ““Climate Change” To Cause More Severe Frosts”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Deniers call it a cult because Deniers aren’t very good at thinking.

    Let’s see. It’s a fact that the Earth is warming. It’s a fact that water still freezes at 32F, even in Australia. And it’s a fact that Australia has suffered severe frost damage lately.

    In any event, the Australians can adapt. They can plant later or switch to different crops.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Let me add that Deniers are progressing (regressing) as expected. The argument about warming is over, as is the argument over cause. It’s clear that burning fossil fuels is causing warming – even Denier leaders admit that.

    Now the argument is that warming isn’t bad.

    Pretty soon Teach will start saying he’s never questioned the cause of warming, his concern is whether it’s harmful.

  3. Jl says:

    “The argument about warming is over, as the argument about cause.” Nice try, J, but you’ll have to better than personal proclamations. “Now the argument that warming isn’t bad.” No, that was always part of the argument. Name one “bad thing” climate wise caused solely by AGW. End of the world in 50 years predictions don’t count. Severe frost caused by climate change. Also, if it happened, lack of severe frost would also be caused by climate change. The climate circus continues.

  4. Jeffery says:


    I’m just repeating the facts. Climate realists have understood this for years, and you will eventually, unless you believe that a flat Earth, goblins, space aliens, witches and magic are more likely than unlikely.

    It’s bad enough that you don’t understand the process of science, but it’s worse that you reject science without understanding it.

  5. Nighthawk says:

    Severe frost caused by climate change. Also, if it happened, lack of severe frost would also be caused by climate change

    Yup. Everything is caused by climate change. Frost or no frost, snow or no snow, heat or no heat, ice or no ice, rain or no rain. Anything the deviates from their perceived “normal” is evidence. The big problem is that nobody knows exactly what the “normal” should be. Until this “normal” is defined then any claims of what we are seeing in the way of climate change is a deviation from normal is just conjecture.

  6. Saturday morning links

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  7. Jeffery says:


    Who has claimed that everything is caused by climate change?

    Here are the facts:

    – By burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – humans are adding gigatons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year.
    – During the past century the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased from 280 ppm to 400 ppm (the greatest concentration for at least 800,000 years).
    – Because of the well-understood physical properties of the greenhouse effect, the Earth is warming – 1.4F in the past century (measured as surface temperature), with the oceans absorbing much of this increased heat.
    – The sensitivity of the climate to a doubling of CO2 is estimated to be 1.4C to 4.5C (even by so-called “skeptic” scientists).

    These are the facts – they are not in dispute (by reasonable men and women).

    As I said earlier, the Denier argument is devolving to arguing that although CO2 is causing the Earth to warm – So what?

    Stage 1 Denier: It’s not warming.
    Stage 2 Denier: It’s warming but not caused by CO2.
    Stage 3 Denier: It’s warming, caused by CO2, but there’s no harm.
    Stage 4 Denier: It’s too late to do anything, we’ll have to adapt.

    The Denialspere is transitioning from Stage 2 to Stage 3.

    As jl points out, there is overlap. For example, many Deniers (Teach, Load Monckton) have briefly reverted to Stage 1 because the increase in measured surface temperatures has slowed. But they are either scientifically illiterate or liars or some of each.

    You ask “what is normal”. Good question. Over the entire Holocene (about the last 12,000 years) all of human civilization formed, developed and evolved. For the first half of the Holocene the best estimates of the average global surface temperature were estimated to be about what we see now, or likely a bit cooler. About 6000 years ago the Earth started what is now seen as a sustained cooling period with the temperature dropping about 0.6C over 5000 years, reaching a nadir during the Little Ice Age. The Medieval Warm Period was not as warm as now. It took 5000 years to cool 0.6C and 100 years to warm 0.6C. At the current rate of CO2 emissions, and the current rate of long-term warming (and heaven forbid we get any positive feedbacks) the Earth will warm another 1.4C (very bad) to 4.5C (cataclysmic) over the next century or so.

    There are no natural processes to explain the current warming or to allay our concern over the coming warming. The risk to future generations is too great to gamble.

  8. Rusty says:

    Global warming is a scheme. It is a made up problem that the government and the willing lemmings will use as a way to control the public and extort money.

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