Miami VA Whistleblower Claims Drug Dealing, Physical Abuse Cover Up

Yet another problem at a VA hospital? Obama will be madder than hell, and get right on it

(Fox News) A VA police officer says administrators at the hospital in Miami where he works are covering up crimes at the facility, including evidence of physical abuse of patients and drug dealing.

Thomas Fiore, who still works at the facility, told Fox News’ Eric Bolling on “Hannity” that drug dealing among patients at the hospital is a “regular occurrence,” and he felt he had to come forward because attempts he made to investigate or report wrongdoing fell on deaf ears.

“I actually prepared a written plan, if you will, pertaining to an undercover operation so that we can at least identify who our targets are for the drug sales,” he said. “And I presented that in an email and I’m still waiting on a response. I submitted it about two years ago.”

Fiore earlier told the Miami Herald that the breaking point for him was a March 2013 report on the facility’s residential drug rehab program, which charged the program failed to adequately monitor patients or stop illicit drug use.

Can you guess what happened when he tried to report the issues? From the Miami Herald article

In allegations first reported by WFOR-CBS 4 this week, Fiore said that instead of being allowed to investigate these incidents as a VA detective, he was re-assigned to a clerical position within the hospital’s medical administration department as retaliation.

Which could actually be a retaliation crime.

Fiore claims that most of the drugs being dealt in the VA hospital are coming from the VA, which apparently had piss poor tracking of the prescription medications. Sadly, the pattern of neglect, abuse, stonewalling, retaliation, etc, which Fiore accuses the Miama VA of, seems to be all too common with government institutions. The House voted Wednesday night for the VA Management Accountability Act: will Harry Reid (D-Nevada) allow it to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote? Reid and Bernie Sanders  (chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs committee), want a separate addendum added to the fiscal 2015 Military Construction-VA spending bill, and Sanders has blocked a vote on the House bill.

Obama’s Friday schedule

10:30 am CT || Departs Chicago
1:30 pm || Arrives White House
3:00 pm || Sign H.R. 1209, an act to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the World War II members of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders for conducting the bombings of Tokyo, and H.R. 685, the American Fighter Aces Congressional Gold Medal Act

I wonder if those receiving the Gold Medals will have some pointed questions as to what Obama is doing to fix the VA? Oh, wait, sorry, he’s just signing the bill. So, he essentially has 20 seconds of work on his schedule today.

More: as The Lonely Conservative notes, Dems are kicking off Memorial Day weekend by blocking the bill.

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