Gun Free Durham Barbecue Joint Surprisingly Robbed

I know, you’re shocked. I remember reading about the robbery the other day, seriously, how dare someone rob a barbecue joint here in NC? That’s considered sacrilege in the South. But, there is a hitch

(Daily Caller) A barbecue restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday night, despite having posted a sign on the door banning weapons, including concealed firearms.

According to ABC 11, three men wearing hoodies and carrying pistols entered The Pit from the back, assaulted two of the employees and made others lie on the floor. The assaulted employees, though, are doing well. (snip)

According to Guns ‘n’ Freedom, however, “This should be a clear reminder that criminals don’t obey gun laws and they don’t obey signs on windows that say that can’t bring their guns inside. These signs only stop law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and make the establishment a bigger target for crooks. After all, why pick a target where people can shoot back at you?”

They also point out that it wasn’t a simply sign, but custom made

We also learn from Guns ‘n’ Freedom

You have to wonder if the CEO of Jack in the Box is kicking himself after making the decision to request all gun owners to leave their guns at home.  It was not even  2 weeks ago that Jack in the Box essentially banned guns from their fast food joints, and now the third armed robbery has taken place since then.

According to Click2Houston, 4 men put on gloves and masks before walking into a Houston Jack in the Box, robbing the restaurant at gunpoint.   The armed crooks robbed both employees and customers who were eating at the fast food place.

I’m not a big advocate of people bringing rifles, shotguns, any long guns into eateries, they’d be best off left in their vehicles, but to specifically ban guns, including concealed carry, invites criminals. Sure, even without the “gun free zone” signs there can still be crime, but why solicit it?

Fortunately, the anti-gunnites are writing up an 8 year old for drawing a picture of a gun. No, this is not a repeat of other reports.

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3 Responses to “Gun Free Durham Barbecue Joint Surprisingly Robbed”

  1. stu says:

    Maybe they just needed a bigger sign…

  2. john says:

    Again Teach do you openly carry at work? if so why/why not?
    Does your employer forbid openly carrying and if so why continue to work for someone that has plitics like that.
    If he does please invite all to come and see for ourselves

  3. Jeffery says:

    How many people were harmed at the NC “BBQ” joint?

    How many would have been harmed or killed if an untrained, inexperienced cook or customer had pulled out a pistol and started shooting? How many well-trained police officers are killed every year by gun wielding criminals? What are the odds that an amateur will fare better?

    If you’re sitting enjoying your vinegary “BBQ” and slaw, and a guy walks in carrying a pistol, how do you know if he’s a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun? Let’s say he gets to the counter and demands cash – do you draw and shoot or draw and tell him to drop his gun? What if he whirls and sprays fire hitting your wife and child (or in your case, your life partner)? Good outcome? I suspect the businesses are trying to prevent this type of outcome with their signs. Would you feel comfortable eating with your family with a crazy looking guy sitting across from you with an AK-47 on the table?

    NC is a beautiful state with wonderful, lovely people, and every time I visit I try what they refer to as BBQ. Maybe the robbers were from Memphis, Kansas City or Texas and were just demanding their money back for the insipid pork shoulder being passed off as BBQ in NC.

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