Obama’s So Mad Over VA Scandal He’s Buckling Down To Work!!!!

And, by “down to work”, I mean he’s doing what he does best: fundraising and being the Tourist President. Here’s today’s schedule, via White House Dossier

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with travel and tourism executives; Roosevelt Room
1:05 pm || Departs White House
2:30 pm || Arrives Rome, New York
3:25 pm || Tours the National Baseball Hall of Fame; Cooperstown, New York
3:55 pm || Delivers remarks; Cooperstown
4:55 pm || Departs New York
5:50 pm CT || Arrives Chicago
7:00 pm CT || Attends fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Chicago
8:25 pm CT || Attends second fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Chicago

And here’s Friday’s:


Joe Biden’s schedule is, interestingly, more full of that governance stuff. But nothing to do with the VA. But, hey, don’t worry, Obama’s madder than hell. My money’s on the Weekly Address discussing infrastructure spending.

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4 Responses to “Obama’s So Mad Over VA Scandal He’s Buckling Down To Work!!!!”

  1. Jay says:

    But if the president actually worked on solving the problems at the VA, it’s possible that they would actually get solved before the election. And if the problem got solved before the election, it would drop out of the news. And that’s the last thing the Democrats want. Republicans repeatedly have this bizarre idea that when Democrat policies fail to solve a problem, this makes the Democrats look bad and helps Republicans to win elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. People don’t vote Democrat because they believe that Democrats are skilled administrators and have a coherent plan to solve the nation’s problems. They vote Democrat because they believe that Democrats really really care about people like them. The Democrats thrive on scandals and mismanagement, even if it’s their own people who are to blame, because it gives them an opportunity to talk about how mad they are about this problem and how much they care about the victims.

  2. john says:

    what Teach has failed to remember is that the young vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan voted him in, the older Nam WWII (Clint Eastwood ?? ) types voted for romney tae vote was split evenly the FIRST for Dems in a long time the GOP used to have a lock on vets
    just look at the cnn exit polls for 2004,2008,2012 a steady increase for OBAMA

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