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It’s Wild How All This Heat Is Breaking Snow Records

Remember how snow would just be a thing of the past? Well, because you, dear reader, refused to unplug every appliance not in use when you went to work, drove a fossil fueled vehicle, and did not have rabbit food for lunch, well, you made the world so warm we get record snow (Toledo Blade) […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fuels pump filling up an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on how many women want combat jobs. PS: I wasn’t really aiming to go old-school this week, but, what the heck. I had quite […]

CNN Warmist: Why Are We Still Debating Hotcoldwetdry?

Good question: why are you debating that we’re debating “climate change” if it is settled science, Ms. Carol Costello? (CNN) There is no debate. Climate change is real. And, yes, we are, in part, to blame. There is a 97% consensus among scientific experts that humans are causing global warming. Ninety-seven percent! Goodness! “Ninety-seven percent!!!!!!!!!!!!” […]

Good News: Only 35 Of 50 State Exchange Websites Were Deemed “High Risk”

Or is that 35 out of 58 states? Does the 58th have an Exchange? Has Obama visited it yet? (Fox News) Security experts worried that 35 state health exchange websites were vulnerable to hackers and were rated as “high risk” for security problems before ObamaCare’s launch, documents obtained by Fox News show. Fears that the […]

Team Obama Provides A Triple-shot Of Stupidity

Well, a higher level of stupidity than normal (Politico) Touting the latest White House Obamacare benchmark, President Barack Obama told his political base not to be discouraged by partisan attacks and stressed that their cause is divine. About 4 million people have signed up for private health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, Obama […]

What Say To A 4.4 Billion Year Old Crystal?

This is cool (CNN) From a sheep ranch in Western Australia comes the oldest slice of Earth we know. Scientists say they have dated an ancient crystal called a zircon to about 4.4 billion years, making it the earliest confirmed piece of the planet’s crust. The findings — the first to describe the zircon — […]

NY Times: You Skeptics Need To Stop Being Greedy

Funny stuff (Daily Caller) The New York Times editorial board attacked skeptics of man-made global warming on Sunday by accusing them of financially benefitting from their opposition to more and stricter environmental regulations. “Virtually everyone accepts the overwhelming evidence of human influence on climate change and the urgent need to address it, except for a […]

If All You See…

…is a fossil fueled vehicle heating up the atmosphere and causing snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on another Soros fellow joining the White House.

Krauthammer’s “Climate Change” Piece Exposes The Fascism Of The Warmists

Prick a Warmist and a Fascist will bleed. Here’s Howard Kurtz Heating up: Climate change advocates try to silence Krauthammer Charles Krauthammer says it right up front in his Washington Post column: “I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier.” He does, however, challenge the notion that the science on climate […]

Elected Official Michelle Obama To Unveil School Food Marketing Limits

Remember when Michelle Obama was elected to the position of First Lady, allowed to make laws and rules, so that she could do things like this? (Politico) First lady Michelle Obama will unveil a proposal Tuesday that would ban marketing junk food and sodas in schools — an unusually aggressive position for the administration that […]

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