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Joyetech 510-T E-cigarette

I mentioned back in December that I was making a concerted effort to use e-cigs more, and had been using Blue. The thing about Blue and all the similar ones is typically that you have to purchase replacement cartridges, which aren’t really that much cheaper than real cigarettes. Also, Blue batteries stink. Very short time […]

Man Who Needs Back Surgery Learns About The Downfalls Of Obamacare

Another horror story regarding Obamacare (CBS Sacramento) A Sonora mechanic is in so much pain that he can barely walk, but he can’t seem to find a doctor to fix his ailing back after he and his wife switched their insurance coverage through Covered California. (snip) He’s still working, despite the pain. But finding a […]

If All You See…

…is warmth created snow, probably because someone used a hair dryer, you might just be a Warmist Hump Day! The blog of the day is Right Wing News, with a post on the Girl Scouts threatening Life News.

Guardian: You Skeptics Need To Put Up Or Shut Up

This is how science works in Warmist World: they don’t have to prove their insane ramblings Climate change: time for the sceptics to put up or shut up Say I were to ask you to prove that the dinosaurs were wiped out when an asteroid collided with the Earth 66m years ago, in what is […]

Oh, Snap: “What Would Jesus Do About Climate Change?”

It’s been a long time since I used an “oh, snap”, and it’s either that or using a “spit take” GIF to read a hardcore liberal attempt to use Jesus to prop up “climate change” (as I do every now and then, “climate change” refers to the notion that every change in the weather is […]

Bummer: Government No Longer Spending Gobs Of Money To Help Newly Insured

This is apparently a HUGE major issue, and, of course, Republicans are mostly to blame Who will help the newly insured? Newfound health benefits often come with newfound questions. But most states have either spurned or run out of federal funding for consumer assistance programs aimed at guiding Obamacare’s newly insured through the complexities of […]

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