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Raleigh Snow Meme

So, looks like the car fire on Glenwood Ave. here in Raleigh during the snow storm has created a little meme. I’ve seen this at The Chive, Caveman Circus, and lots of other sites. But, if they’re going to do a fire meme, how could they forget this? Seriously, how could everyone forget about House […]

Say, How’s That Obamacare Consumer Choice Thing Working Out?

About as well as one would expect for legislation written by Democrats and pushed by a president with no experience running a business (via Hot Air) (WSJ) Consumers in 515 counties, spread across 15 states, have only one insurer selling coverage through the online marketplaces, the Journal found. In more than 80% of those counties, […]

If All You See…

…is a petroleum warmed world where the sea will rise up and kill all the butterflies, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post on press freedom rankings.

Strange: Philly Is Setting Snow Records

Back on the 21nd of January, Philadelphia set a record with 13.5 inches of snow, crushing the 1917 record by 3.4 inches. The snow total (see chart) set a record for Jan. 21, crushing the previous mark of 3.4 inches, set in 1917. And, it set a record as the third snowfall of six inches […]

Church Of England Goes Medieval On Fight Climate Change Witchcraft

Remember the time when people blew out of England to escape from the dominance of the Church of England? Remember how the Framers of the Constitution added a phrase to the Bill Of Rights to make sure no church would work hand in hand with The Government, because of how the Church Of England worked […]

Part Of Kentucky Gay Marriage Law Struck Down Due To Reciprocity

I don’t really care about this ruling vis a vis gay marriage as much as two other interesting points it brings up (Courier-Journal) In a ruling that could open the door to gay marriage in Kentucky, a federal judge has struck down the state’s ban on recognizing same-sex unions performed in states where it is […]

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