Raleigh Snow Meme

So, looks like the car fire on Glenwood Ave. here in Raleigh during the snow storm has created a little meme.

I’ve seen this at The Chive, Caveman Circus, and lots of other sites. But, if they’re going to do a fire meme, how could they forget this?

Seriously, how could everyone forget about House Fire Girl?

I actually didn’t take any photos. Kinda forgot as I was Living The Moment.

FYI, for those wondering where that is on a map, that is Hwy 70 just east of 540, looking west-bound. And a nasty hill to try and get up and down on a day like yesterday.

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2 Responses to “Raleigh Snow Meme”

  1. Toasty_Warm_Gumballs says:

    Snow? What snow?
    I know the weathermen all freaked out a few days ago about 4-6 inches.. but we got squat. Got nothing but a nice chill in the air. Don’t know what all the hub-bub is about. sheesh.

    Fire? Fire and Ice? How’d that happen?

  2. Toasty_Warm_Gumballs says:

    YEAH TEACH!! Learn to write in paragraphs buddy!

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