Joyetech 510-T E-cigarette

I mentioned back in December that I was making a concerted effort to use e-cigs more, and had been using Blue. The thing about Blue and all the similar ones is typically that you have to purchase replacement cartridges, which aren’t really that much cheaper than real cigarettes. Also, Blue batteries stink. Very short time between charges. And the cartridges do not last all that long before losing taste. Except the menthols, which have this horrendous taste when getting low.

So I’ve been using the Joyetech 510-T in automatic with XL size batteries since early January. They are a bit longer than an XL size cigarette. The great thing is they have this little tank to fill with liquid, so you can get all the great flavors.

I chose the 510-T auto because it is more like smoking a real cigarette. I never got that same feeling the the bigger types, especially in manual. With this I just inhale like with a cigarette.

The batteries easily last 12-16 hours, sometimes more, depending on the liquid. In the month and a half I’ve had it I’ve used about 2 1/2 bottles in the 10ml size. That’s about $16. I’ve used varying nicotine levels.

Now, it’s nit so good with darker liquids. I had a nice Reese’s flavored and caramel coffee flavored liquids, and they tend flood the atomizer, and muck up the tanks. Which clean easy. But it wastes liquid. The lighters do better. I love this strawberry chocolate mix. I also have an orange chocolate, but it’s so so. I also picked up a Cuban cigar, which has a nice cigar flavor, smell, and even a mouth and throat kick. Still trying to find a tobacco flavor I like.

Now, you don’t get the massive vapor or throat hit one would get with the bigger ecigs. However, I’m not baking, I’m smoking. It is much more portable. The tanks are not as big, but can be quickly refilled, and it came with 5.

And doing this has gotten me down to 5-8 real cigarettes a day. Heck, I used to have 5 before even getting to a morning shift. Now, 2.

Another benefit is if you just want a quick hit, you do not need to light a whole smoke. They do not stink up the car or house. My lungs feel better. And cool flavors.

U got mine from My Freedom Smokes.

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13 Responses to “Joyetech 510-T E-cigarette”

  1. Blick says:

    Good on ye, Captain. giving up the evil snowstorm producing CO2 producing cigs. However, don’t give up the Rum. “Rum before 10am makes you a pirate not an alcoholic.”

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  3. Trish Mac says:

    Thanks Teach- have been struggling with quitting for years, and have not tried these because I don’t want to waste more money! (I’ve tried Chantix twice, and hated it, tried the patch, was no good for me)
    I only smoke about 7 a day- go through a pack in two and a half days- unless I’m at a party! So it would be great to see if a good ecig could curb that even lower!
    Good luck with it! And thanks for the heads up!

  4. Jeffery says:

    There is no proof that cigarettes are harmful, only statistical correlation.

    Correlation is not causation!

    In the 1950s the Theory of Tobaccogenic Lung Cancer (TLC) was proposed by a cult of liberal, fascist scientists to get government grant money and to control others and to destroy the economy. It was always about fascistic destruction of the economy and control and money. The World Health Organization (WHO) is even in on the hoax. Only 24% of male heavy smokers (> 5 cigarettes a day) develop lung cancer. If cigarettes caused lung cancer wouldn’t ALL smokers get cancer, not just 24%?? This cult of “Healthists” is anti-human, anti-science and anti-freedom.

    Healthists in some cities and states are even considering laws to keep you from smoking in your car when babies are present because of so-called secondhand smoke! Fascism! Have you ever heard of a baby getting lung cancer? No. This is not a health issue, but a control issue! Liberals want to tell everyone else how to live. Pretty soon you’ll be able to freely smoke weed in Colorado while patriotic Camel smokers get thrown in jail.

    State gubmints are extorting over $365 BILLION from legal tobacco companies as if the companies are responsible somehow for the bad habits of Americans! Where’s the proof that cigarettes are addictive and harmful and that the tobacco companies knew about it?? And I mean real proof from real science, not statistics. Correlation does not mean causation! This was never about anything but money. And control. With liberal fascists it’s always about control. And money. And more control. And destroying economies and hating freedoms.

    If cigarettes are dangerous why does Obama smoke? That proves my point right there.

    The same anti-science liberals who buy the “evidence” and NIH propaganda about cigarettes also believe the so-called overwhelming evidence that CO2 added to atmosphere from fossil fuel burning is changing the climate. Correlation is not causation! The climate is big, CO2 is tiny. Case closed.

    The same way the liberal fascists confiscated money from LEGAL cigarette manufacturers, you can be sure that’s the goal of the liberal fascists to confiscate money from LEGAL fossil fuel companies! The anti-science liberals are claiming that damage from CO2 emissions are harmful – the next step is to make big oil/coal/gas pay for this imagined damage! This is the real reason the patriots at Exxon/Mobil and the patriotic Koch Brothers are behind all the pro-science anti-global warming activities. They’re our last line of defense from liberal fascist overreach to confiscate most of their money before they trickle it down. This will destroy the economy.

  5. Haven’t quite quit cigs overall, Blick, but it has certainly helped. And it’s nice to not smell like smoke. Clothes, breathe.

    Nicotine gum never really helped me, Trish, but e-cigs have done wonders. You should give it a try, even if you are using a different type. See if there is a good e-cig store in your area. We have one called Misty Mountain vapors, and they have tons of different devices and vapors, and can try them all.

    I’m not quite sure what you’re babbling about, Jeff, but count me as a person who understands that cigarettes are Bad for me.

  6. Trish Mac says:

    Has jeffrey completely lost it?

  7. Blick says:

    Jeffery, You should use the “Sarc Tag” when you try to make fun of us.

  8. He may have, Trish, he may have. I put up a non political post and he went….somewhere.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    Has jeffrey completely lost it?

    That assumes he ever had it to begin with.

  10. For what it’s worth, I was a HARD core (5 pack a day Marlboro Light) smoker for 25+ years. My best friend bought me a rig and, of course, I didn’t use it because I liked being a rebel and whatnot. Finally after he (a 20 year smoker and my wife, a 25 year smoker) quit using just the ecigs they convinced me (kicking and screaming) to just stop that first cig of the day and to do nothing but the ecig (at 35 mg/ml) for a day. I ended up doing it for 2 days but was a complete asshole because I hate being told what to do. What I can tell you is that it was killing me to see what a “real” cig tastes like so I had one 48 hours after solely using the ecig. I took two puffs and spit it out and thought it was horrible! Since then (3 years in May) I’ve had maybe 10 real cigs and while they’re ok, I MUCH prefer ecigs now.

    I love that I can smoke them anywhere! Church, movie theatres, courtrooms :-), you name it. I also love the smell and I’m a big fan of the clear citrus flavor. I’m down to 6mg/ml but I can say that’s not really all that important. What IS important is getting a great battery (3-4) and I recommend eGo-C because they last about 12-18 hours and they are a good mix between size/weight/power. I’ve got a bunch of others but these are my go to because they fit great in a back pocket. As far as the tank that holds the juice, DEFINITELY go with a clear tank so you can see how much you have left and make sure they have refillable LONG wicks. They tend to last me a month with clear vap fluids if not longer. I believe they are sold be ecigtogo but don’t quote me (my wife is in charge of that). The extra wicks are about a buck and as long as you don’t drop them a lot the cannisters lasts up to a year. Finally, for juice supply over 10 of my friends have tried everything under the sun and we all univerally like virtualvapes. My favorite is “Panty Dropper” and they have both great refill bottles, prices and flavor.

    If you haven’t made the switch yet to ecigs you’re really missing out. I never thought I would think that way but real life has taught me that I can be even cooler with an ecig than a real one. I’ll NEVER go back EVER.

    I’ve even gone so far as to buy strangers a basic setup and tell them I’ll pay them $100 if they don’t like it better. In over 15 attempts, I’ve never had to pay it off.

    There is a small learning curve, but if you’re on this site you’re smart enough to figure it out. Quit being a dumbass and make the switch.

    If you’re so inclined, donate $100 to our military heroes if every word I’ve written isn’t 100% correct. Now get off your ass and be like all us “new” cool kids 🙂

  11. Stosh says:

    After 40+ years of smoking, I’ve been using e-cigs for over 3 1/2 years — without ANY cigarette smoking. After failing with gum, patches, lozenges, zyban, baying at the moon and every other “stop smoking” plan it’s been a welcome relief.

  12. Les Gilbert says:

    Hey, I have been reading your blog for years; I especially like the AGW posts. I am a 40 year smoker, three packs a day in the early days, 1 pack a day for the past 15 years or so. In mid January I picked up a Green Smoke ecig kit and used it for a couple of weeks but it did not quite do it for me. A couple of weeks ago I bought an EGO style EVOD battery with a KangerTech Mini Protank II. Much better. I Chose menthol for my daily vape along with a Cuban Cigar flavor. 12 MG of nicotine. I am down to 4 or 5 analogs a day. I get a good throat hit and am pretty much satisfied with how it tastes and feels. Keep it up; I intend to. I travel and it is nice to be able to vape in the rental car and the hotel room. I even stealth vape a little in the airport and airplane. I have not smoked in the house for years, but I am looking forward to getting the smell out of my car.

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