Toure: Playing In Snow Is Like Dancing On Deck Of Titanic, Cause “Climate Change”

And pushes the unhinged, anti-science meme that all the snow is caused by warming

(Mediaite) After a winter weather report, MSNBC hosts Krystal Ball and Abby Huntsman reveled in their happy childhood recollection about snow and how freezing weather events bring them back to that carefree time.

Touré was having none of it. “I’m sorry,” he began. “I can only do so many fun, awe-struck stories about the weather and the extraordinary weather events without saying this is because of climate change.”

“And we don’t talk about it enough,” he continued. “When a quarter of America thinks these are not caused by human activities.”

“When we act like all this is fun, you know what we are doing?” he concluded. “We’re dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”

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2 Responses to “Toure: Playing In Snow Is Like Dancing On Deck Of Titanic, Cause “Climate Change””

  1. jl says:

    What a waste of skin.

  2. Springy_Gumballs says:

    He’s claiming that people up in the north are having fun? people died in a massive car wreck in Indiana due to the cold and snow. People are being stranded… but Toure, a NYC yuppie man, thinks they are having fun?

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