350.org Wants To Name Hurricanes After Climate Realists

Oh, and suggests that the lack of hurricanes is also due to “climate change”

(Climate Progress) 350 Action is out with a video that is as jarring as it is hilarious. It notes the injustice of naming devastating hurricanes after people who, most likely, had nothing to do with their destructive power.

It suggests a new nomenclature: “As climate change continues to create more frequent and devastating storms, we propose a new naming system. One that names extreme storms after policymakers who deny climate change.”

I’ll put the video below the fold.

There have been no hurricanes in August, which would be the first time in 11 years if none arise this week. The Atlantic has seen a string of named Tropical Storms that did not reach hurricane strength — possibly because of increased dry and dusty air coming off the Sahara.

Remember when Warmists were proclaiming that the new normal would be like 2005? Then when landfalling hurricane activity dropped off sharply, they suggested that activity might be lower, hurricanes would be stronger and bigger? Perhaps now they’re going to start saying that there will be fewer hurricanes due to Mankind, much like they now blame cold and snow on Mankind, particularly on our use of fossil fuels.

Yet Jeff Masters of Weather Underground suggests that these conditions will soon end: “The big guns of the African Monsoon are firing off a salvo of African tropical waves over the next two weeks that will find the most favorable conditions for development that we’ve seen this year.”

This suggests a more active period of hurricane weather in September.

Warmists really, really, really, really want to see some destructive hurricanes make landfall, the better to push their cult.

“more frequent and devastating hurricanes”….where are they?

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7 Responses to “350.org Wants To Name Hurricanes After Climate Realists”

  1. Malicious_Filner_Monday says:

    possibly because of increased dry and dusty air coming off the Sahara.

    Ummmm….. isn’t that how the hurricanes are actually formed? Dust particles used as seeds for cloud formation?

    But then, NO ONE will admit that these cultists are actually “pushing” science.

    The fact that they’ve gotten this much air time is the travesty.

  2. john says:

    Teach I still remember when you were saying that Sandy was being “overhyped” by the warmists. After that fiasco it would seem that the climate change deniers are also a bit off in their estimations

  3. Malicious_Filner_Monda says:

    Thanks to you john, it is STILL being over-hyped.

  4. No, dipshit John, I said the wind speeds were over inflated. Which they were. And last time you pulled this, I told you to point our where I wrote over-hyped. You failed.

    And hee you are deflecting again. Care to discuss the material?

  5. blick says:

    Cults must have human sacrifices to appease the Climate Gods. Besides, humans are dumb and stupid so sacrifice is a good use for them.

  6. Trish Mac says:

    OH PLEASE name one after Teach!
    That is, if there are any more storms this year. Slow season so far, after what was being touted as a potentially very busy hurricane season. Predictors must use 10% science and 90% wishful thinking when they do their work. It would be crazy to assume there won’t be any tropical storms and even crazier not to expect them to strengthen and have a couple of hurricanes to make landfall.
    People who want these storms to become worse every year are sick. They only want this for their sick cause- global warming. So others may be in harms way, and the warmists can thump their chests and say “told ya so”.


  7. Gail Combs says:

    First you have to HAVE hurricanes! (So far a hurricane free season)

    Since turnabout is fair play perhaps we should name blizzards after warmists and DemiRats.

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