Bummer: Hotcoldwetdry Making You Itch

Let’s first take a moment to briefly describe what Warmists mean by “climate change”: their view is that Mankind is mostly/solely responsible for the warming that occurred since (insert date here based on whatever point they’re trying to make), and it is mostly fossil fuels that cause it, along with too many humans. Said warming not only causes warming, but cold, snow, drought, flood, earthquakes, volcanoes, you name it, it’s cause by “climate change” or linked to “climate change”

Why Climate Change Is Making You Itch

The unusually cold, wet spring that stretched well into June for many on the East Coast this year seemed punishment enough in itself. But now it appears that while summer seemed like it would never come, the most dreaded part of the sunny season, mosquitoes, are here with vengeance.

The East Coast isn’t alone in it’s itchy misery either. While mosquitoes traps in Connecticut are brimming with twice the usual buggy bounty, Minnesota is buzzing with three times as many mosquitoes, and central California has the dubious distinction of having five times as many of one key mosquito species than has been seen in years.

Why the BBQ-busting onslaught? Jonathan Day, an insect researcher at the University of Florida, told the AP that in the Southeast this year’s spring deluge, which followed two years of drought, caused mosquito eggs long dormant during the dry years to hatch alongside the 2013 mosquitoes.

Got that? You drove a fossil fueled vehicle to the airport to take a fossil fueled flight for your family vacation to get away from the cool temperatures, hence, climate change, which causes more mosquitoes. Which never ever appeared before 1980 or so.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Hotcoldwetdry Making You Itch”

  1. John says:

    Teach growing up in NJ, did you ever hear local reports about Dengue Fever or malaria?http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/2012/04/us-dengue-malaria-in-new-jersey.html

  2. Sleazy_Filner_Saturday says:

    Well, what is weird, is that the normal house flies that we normally have, have now seemed to be replaced by some biting flies. Normally you only see the biting flies out in the country around livestock. But, here in the city our normal flies have been replaced.

    I blame john’s refusal to keep his basement dry.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    How about Malaria in Siberia John?

    Professor Reiter on malaria in the “Little Ice Age”:

    “…In fact, the most catastrophic epidemic on record anywhere in the world occurred in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, with a peak incidence of 13 million cases per year, and 600,000 deaths. Transmission was high in many parts of Siberia, and there were 30,000 cases and 10,000 deaths due to falciparum infection (the most deadly malaria parasite) in Archangel, close to the Arctic circle. Malaria persisted in many parts of Europe until the advent of DDT. One of the last malarious countries in Europe was Holland: the WHO finally declared it malaria-free in 1970…..”

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