Climate Change Causes Sea Level To Fall in 2010 And 2011

No, really

(UK Register) Global warming and climate change are usually thought to mean that world sea levels will rise, perhaps disastrously. But according to US government boffins, in recent times (2010 and 2011, to be precise) phenomena driven by human carbon emissions have actually caused world sea levels to fall.

The seas have, of course, been rising steadily as the climate has changed for thousands of years, ever since the end of the last ice age. During the 20th century, according to estimates mostly from erratic tide gauges, sea levels rose by around 1.7mm a year. Since the early 1990s, satellites have also been used to measure sea levels, and by contrast have suggested a steady unchanging rise of about 3mm annually – that is, until 2010.

According to a statement issued yesterday by the US National Science Foundation:

For an 18-month period beginning in 2010, the oceans mysteriously dropped by about seven millimeters.

And what do they blame this on? The Australian flooding, which like the drought that was supposed to go on forever because of Hotcoldwetdry, is blamed partly/mostly/solely on Mankind. The NSF several weather events came together to create the conditions for such heavy rains, which were then soaked up by the Aussie continent without heading right back to the seas. Because Australia is big. Really big.

(NSF) Fasullo believes there may have been a similar event in 1973-74, which was another time of record flooding.

But modern observing instruments did not exist then, making it impossible to determine what took place in the atmosphere and whether it affected sea level rise.

Wait, weren’t scientists and the media worried about a coming ice age at that time? Wasn’t that the consensus?

Essentially, natural forces will do what natural forces do, and all Mankind can do is adapt to it and deal with it.

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3 Responses to “Climate Change Causes Sea Level To Fall in 2010 And 2011”

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Sea Level brings to mind tides and the sun/moon effect on the sea.

    Most people if they think of tides at all think the sea moves east and west by X amount at set times. However it is not that simple because it is a three body system and there is also a north south component.

    Jo Nova had a discussion on a recent peer-reviewed paper, Long-Term Lunar Atmospheric Tides in the Southern Hemisphere by Ian Wilson on Climate and the moon. (Now about that heavy rainfall in Australia???)

    Can the Moon change our climate? Can tides in the atmosphere solve the mystery of ENSO?

    E.M. Smith goes one better. Remember the Bond events and the Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations that occur at about 1500 year intervals? (Major ABRUPT climate shifts of several degrees C)

    This is what he has noted about those sun-moon-earth gravitational interactions:

    “…Each Saros Cycle runs on a slightly different alignment with the earth. Saros Cycles come in a series…

    Each saros series starts with a partial eclipse (Sun first enters the end of the node), and each successive saros the path of the Moon is shifted either northward (when near the descending node) or southward (when near the ascending node). At some point, eclipses are no longer possible and the series terminates (Sun leaves the beginning of the node)…

    . It takes between 1226 and 1550 years for the members of a saros series to traverse the Earth’s surface from north to south (or vice-versa)….

    Gee… where have I seen a 1500 ish year cycle before… Can you say “Bond Event”? Could there be a mode where, for just a little while in geologic time, the shift of tidal forces cause the Gulf Stream to dramatically slow while things ‘readjust’? Yes, it’s speculative, but say you spent 800 years getting the water moved into the Arctic / Atlantic and then the moon starts pulling it all back into the Pacific?…”

  2. Gail Combs says:

    A bit more on the subject of Climate and the Moon.
    Ian and E.M. Are not the only ones looking at this :

    “…Climate Dynamics
    Climate dynamics are theories about how the climate is developing in time….

    Coupled oscillators
    In this analysis we may understand the forced gravitation oscillation between the earth, sun and the moon as a forced coupled oscillation system to the earth. The tide and the earth rotation responds as a non-linear coupled oscillation to the forced gravity periods from the moon and the sun. This is a complex oscillation in periods between hours and thousands of years. The forced gravitation introduces a tidal mixing in the Atlantic Ocean. This tidal mixing introduces temperature and salinity fluctuations that influences climate and the eco system. This research has focus on the respond from harmonics from the 18.6 yr lunar nodal amplitude cycle and the 9.3 yr phase cycle….”

    A neat graph follows with a discussion and a very long list of parers.

    Now isn’t it interesting that there are more than FIFTY paers on this subject going back to 1880 including papers by Keeling of the Mauna Loa CO2 fame and you have never ever heard a peep about any of this till now?

  3. Filthy_Filner_Friday says:

    So, prior to 2010, all that sea level rise that we were told was solely due to man’s breathing and Teach’s use of his e-reader, was now completely due to natural forces recovering from the last ice age?

    But… now it’s MAN’S FAULT that the ocean has been slowed down?!?!?

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