What Say To $60k For Bulletproof White Boards For Schools?

Because nutjobs hell bent on murder can’t shoot around them (via John Hawkins)

(BizPacReview) While some say arming teachers or placing armed guards in schools is the best way to keep students safe, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is taking a different approach to security — by purchasing bulletproof whiteboards.

“UMES is the first university to adopt the bulletproof whiteboard as a critical layer of its student and faculty security system,” Hardwire founder George Tunis said in a statement issued by the university. “It’s ‘back-to-school’ season, and as a result of its leadership, UMES will be one of the safest campuses in the country as students return to school.”

The university explained the purchase:

UMES faculty members will be issued the 18-inch by 20-inch Bulletproof Whiteboards for use in their classrooms. Like first-generation whiteboards, they can serve as portable writing tablets during delivery of lectures and labs.

As In The Capital notes, you can never be too safe, which is true. The school spent $60K for the whiteboards, which may not seem like a big deal, considering what Government spends on other things, but these are strictly defensive, and won’t cover much of a person being shot at. Perhaps the money would have been better spent coupled with handguns for faculty, giving them at least some tiny cover as they blast away at nutjobs trying to causes a massacre in a gun free zone, otherwise known as an “easy target” and “sitting duck zone”.

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3 Responses to “What Say To $60k For Bulletproof White Boards For Schools?”

  1. Uncle Dan says:

    So do you use them as a shield? Or do you hold them in front of you when someone starts shooting and hope you can see around them well enough to deflect the bullets? Do the kids get whiteboard defense lessons?
    Good God, the Left has outdone itself in its quest to have future generations look back at us and ask what the hell we were thinking.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    It means you get to watch while your pupils are slaughtered and get to take multiple bullets and then bleed out and die….

  3. Filthy_Filner_Friday says:

    Don’t know what you all are complaining about. I got mine. While it is rather small, it perfectly covers me when I am cowering in a corner in a fetal position. Granted, it can’t be used by the kids that I teach, nor can it be used to stop the gunman from coming in to the classroom, but by that point, really, what hope is there of living.

    Also, I have found, much to my painful surprise, that this is really only good for one shot. Once the evil capitalist pig shooter shoots at you, your hands are incapable of holding said shield. Well, hoping that the shooter did not shoot your fingers off. But, my hands were in so much pain from the impact that I was incapable of picking the shield back up and placing it between me and the shooter.

    Granted, I was blubbering like a baby at that point and I couldn’t see well enough due to the flood of tears.

    As you can tell, I am a big huge proponent of clip-size limitations. The shooter had one shot at my shield and then one shot at me. At that point he ran out of ammo in his clip. If he was allowed to carry more ammo in that clip, he could have kept on shooting me. But, he was limited in his number of bullets by the government and therefore I only came out of that most terrifying situation with only a butt wound. My butt was the really only piece being exposed at that point as I further crawled in to a fetal position after losing my shield.

    Now, I don’t know how many shots he took at my students before noticing me hiding there in the corner, but I do know that his clip ran out just in time to save my life.

    Now, I am not going to comment on the notion or rumor that he reloaded with another clip as he was walking out the door to another room of unprotected students. All I can say is that I did in fact hear more shooting. But at that point I can honestly say that I was only worried about my safety. oh, and that of my students. Yeah.

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