Good Grief: Rebranding Hotcoldwetdry As A Public Health Issue

Is it any wonder that Steve King (R-IA) stated that climate change is a religion? Warmists constantly change their tune in order to protect it

(Time) But what if climate change were instead about an increase in childhood asthma, or a surge in infectious diseases, or even an influx of heat-induced heart attacks? Would that hold more resonance for the average citizen of the world? That’s what some climate change experts are hoping, as they steer the conversation about global warming toward the public health issues it raises. Last week, the journal Science  featured a special issue on climate change and included a study on the complex yet growing connection between global warming and infectious diseases.

The Warmists have been pushing these same notions for decades, yet they never actually seem to come to pass.

The hope is that seeing climate change as a health issue will spur more people into pushing for environmental reforms, but that’s still a big ‘if.’ “My biggest concern is that like many things in prevention, people might want to put it off,” says Benjamin. “We don’t have 20 years to wait like the tobacco campaign. Every year we wait puts us behind the eight ball, and I think it’s important to move that message.”

Any sort of rebranding is simply an attempt to scare people, just like the recent attempts which included trotting out “biodiversity”, “sustainability”, and “extreme weather”. Yet, Warmists still refuse to practice what they preach.

Speaking of Steve King, here’s Think Progress

Despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is real, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is insistent that it is “not science” and that environmentalists are missing the potential upsides.

If the first paragraph of your article mentions consensus (and an utterly discredited study, at that), rather than actual science, yeah, it’s a cult.

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One Response to “Good Grief: Rebranding Hotcoldwetdry As A Public Health Issue”

  1. Ecstacy_of_Idiocy says:

    Every year we wait puts us behind the eight ball

    Every time this sentence is used with regard to the cult of CAGW, it makes me laugh. It’s because they have no idea what they are saying.

    “every year we WAIT, puts us “behind the 8 ball”. In other words, “every year we don’t do anything, we’re too late.” “every year we don’t do anything, the actions has already occurred.”


    So, if the bad times are already here, then so what?! If this is bad, then I’ll take more of it. Let’s continue doing nothing about CAGW while reaping the rewards of a warm human-compatible environment. Why spend trillions and live like its 1495 when we can enjoy life right now?

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