Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations By Time Period

Tom Nelson says “not to miss this”

He’s right. I’ve cut the chart in two below the fold so we can look at it in a larger format

Note that during most of the lifespan of the Earth featured higher CO2 levels, even as life flourished. During the Pleistocene, about 2.5 million years to around 11,700 years ago (the start of the Holocene), it was a period of ice age, which saw flora and fauna having lots and lots and lots of issues, and lots of die-outs.

Interestingly, during the Pennsylvanian Period (roughly 323-298 million years ago), featuring slightly higher CO2 levels, plant and amphibian life flourished, along with diversification of terrestrial and insect life. Although, if we’re talking about a resurgence of giant spiders and “two-meter-long relative of millipedes called Arthropleura,” I’m not so sure I’m interested. Life really did explode during the period. And it got even more diverse as time went on and CO2 increased, especially plant life.

Yet Warmists are afraid of a tiny rise during the Holocene, which follows a very low period during which ice ages ruled and plants and animals died off. And Warmists still won’t change their own behavior, despite thinking that Mankind is responsible for most or all of the CO2 increase.

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6 Responses to “Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations By Time Period”

  1. Otto Maddox says:

    What the source of this data and where have the warmists argued against this?

  2. David says:

    All this proves is that in those other time periods when it was higher, we’d have been so dead we wouldn’t have existed.

  3. suicidal idiot says:

    Today: 0.039% carbon dioxide

    from the standard CO2 MSDS:

    At concentrations between
    2 and 10%, CO2 can cause nausea, dizziness, headache, mental confusion, increased blood pressure and respiratory rate.
    Above 8% nausea and vomiting appear.
    Above 10%, suffocation and death can occur within minutes.

    So when it increases by slightly more than 50 times today’s atmospheric concentration, we have a problem. Until then, the plants will grow like crazy, and we might get huge reptiles walking the earth again. And humans, if they don’t nuke themselves by then, will adapt.

    The most pessimestic charts say it’s going up 60 ppm in 50 years, or 1.2 ppm/year. That gives plants over 1500 years at current rates to catch up.

    On the bright side, obviously humans are going to kill themselves, and the plants will take over again. I’d think that would make you happy, if you live until 3600 a.D.

  4. xenoff says:

    50 times the current levels is about 2.5 times the highest level in earth’s history. Even if we burned every bit of fossil fuel in existence we couldn’t come close to that.

  5. Ecstasy_of_Idiocy says:

    David, are you really that stupid or do you just pretend to be?
    So, the humans – had they been around during the Cambrian explosion of life – would be dead due to the high levels of CO2? Hmmmm… care to explain how animal life survived during that time?

    And isn’t it odd, how life exploded in to the vastness of diversity during periods of high CO2, but then when CO2 is low, the environment is harsh for all life forms.

    And we are in a period similar to harshness – according to CO2 level.

    If the reality deniers want to be true to their cause, they have to claim that they hate life. For demanding that we cut CO2 down, they want to force Earth to remain in an environment that is not as conducive to life on Earth (as compared to times when high CO2 and high numbers of lifeforms).

  6. Walknot says:

    Obviously, the AGW folks are nothing more than retainers for aliens trying to terraform our atmosphere so that they can take over. That would explain a lot of the AGW folks obtuse reactions to the fact that CO2 is NOT a pollutant.

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