Sigh: Yet Another “Hotcoldwetdry Causes Violence” Fable

Because, remember, there were no wars or fights or violence before CO2 was at 350ppm

(Bloomberg) Climate change will probably trigger more human conflict, according to an article in the journal Science.

An examination of 60 separate studies, including one stretching back to 10,000 B.C., found that individuals, groups and nations are “substantially” more likely to become involved in physical conflict in hot weather and heavy rain.

Climate change is expected to drive up temperatures in many regions, which will “systematically increase the risk of many types of conflict” ranging from barroom brawls and rape to civil wars and international disputes, according to the article.

“The strongest evidence is that high temperatures really matter,” said Solomon Hsiang, one of the study’s authors. “A few degrees warmer is always worse.”

Wait, wait, wait, you mean that there have been warm periods over than the current one previously? Weird.

But, yeah, so many cultures in the past 10K years tended to leave the wars till it was warm. No one wanted to fight in the cold and snow. Look back at ancient Greece during the time of the Spartans: for much of the year everything was calm, but, then came fighting season, almost like how baseball is played mostly in the summer.

Of course, the whole point of the article is supposed to say that things are going to get really bad unless Other People are forced to adhere to Warmist doctrine and there needs to be lots and lots of carbon taxes.

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3 Responses to “Sigh: Yet Another “Hotcoldwetdry Causes Violence” Fable”

  1. Gail Combs says:

    The real killer of humans is DEMOCIDE – DEATH BY GOVERNMENT

    169,202,000 Murdered: Summary and Conclusions [20th Century Democide]

    61,911,000 Murdered: The Soviet Gulag State
    35,236,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill
    20,946,000 Murdered: The Nazi Genocide State
    10,214,000 Murdered: The Depraved Nationalist Regime

    Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government, if all these bodies were laid head to toe, with the average height being 5′, then they would circle the earth ten times. Also, this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century.

    ,,,This is my fourth book in a series on genocide and government mass murder, what I call democide.,,,

    After eight-years and almost daily reading and recording of men, women, and children by the tens of millions being tortured or beaten to death, hung, shot, and buried alive, burned or starved to death, stabbed or chopped into pieces, and murdered in all the other ways creative and imaginative human beings can devise, I have never been so happy to conclude a project. I have not found it easy to read time and time again about the horrors innocent people have been forced to suffer. What has kept me at this was the belief, as preliminary research seemed to suggest, that there was a positive solution to all this killing and a clear course of political action and policy to end it. And the results verify this. The problem is Power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom. ~ Dr. R.J. Rummel

    And these Arses are trying to say a few degrees increase in temperature is a proplem??? Give me a break!

    I moved from chilly New Hampshire/Taxachusetts to North Carolina

    Avg. Temperature Annual Raleigh NC 59.3F (15.2C)
    Avg. Temperature Annual Worcester MA 46.7F (8.2C)

    WOW! A WHOLE 8 degrees C I must be really suffering, ….from not having to shovel all that snow.

  2. Tyrannical_Gumballs says:

    Sigh, not this nonsense again. I hate it when they compare apples to watermelons.

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