NASA Brings The FailWhale To The Arctic

Only problem with NASA’s propaganda is that there is actually sea ice in the photo. And that the Arctic is doing quite well. Warmists said the Arctic would be ice free this year. Guess not. Glad NASA could attend the Politburo propaganda school, though, instead of doing all things space.

(I’ll update later with a good embed, can’t force Twitter out of mobile version to get proper code. Updated)

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2 Responses to “NASA Brings The FailWhale To The Arctic”

  1. Forgotten_Gumballs says:

    Really? The only problem I see, is that THERE HAS BEEN LOTS OF TIME, even in recent past, that the Arctic has been ice free.

    It’s called seasonality of a global climate on a galactic scale.

    Bet many of you didn’t know that there used to be icebergs in NYC. That there was a major iceberg created lake in the great plains. That most of America was covered in ICE. Wonder why the libs aren’t screaming that we need to return to that era?

    For most of Earth’s history, we’ve been ice covered. Why not choose THAT as our average line, and not some random recent 20 year period???

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