Bummer: Hybrid Drivers Could Pay More In North Carolina

Gee, who would have seen this coming? (via GC from Raised On Hoecakes)

(News 14) North Carolina drivers who use hybrid cars could end up paying for it in the long run.

State lawmakers in the Senate have proposed drivers pay an additional fee if they drive a hybrid or electric car.

They are the car industry’s answer to going green. Gas prices are a big reason the hybrid cars have become more popular but if you own one in North Carolina it could cost you.

One item in the Senate budget calls for drivers to pay an additional fee when they renew their car registration. For hybrid cars the fee would be $50, electric cars the fee would be $100. Since hybrid cars use less gas supporters say the fees would help the state collect that money they lose from the gas tax back in order to fund road projects.

What’s happening is that the State, like most states and the federal government, rely upon the revenue stream from gas taxes (NC’s is one of the highest in the country). When people are using less gas that stream is reduced, so they have to make up the shortfall somehow. And this is one way to do it (I have an article somewhere back in the archives about this, sorry, no time to find it before work). It is a direct outcome of the Government’s policies for better CAFE standards and causing gas prices to rise. And then government complains about the dip in the revenue stream.

I will say that I disagree with this notion of higher fees: government needs to learn to do more with less, not penalize people for doing what government wanted them yo do.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Hybrid Drivers Could Pay More In North Carolina”

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  2. Balls_of_Fees says:

    Geezzz…. fining people for doing what the government is trying to force them to do.

    Almost like fining people for getting married and having kids.

    just despicable sickness. A sickness that needs to be exposed and expunged, removed and excised.

    unfortunately, it will only get worse for the good people.

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