Politico Wonders Where Obama’s Hotcoldwetdry Agenda Is

Perhaps they should ask why he has the highest “Carbon Footprint” in the world and uses lots and lots of fossil fuels to travel all around the country for campaign style speeches, not too mention huge motorcades so he can play golf

Where’s President Obama’s climate agenda?

Why don’t we ask the thriving businesses known as Solyndra, A123, SunPower, Evergreen Solar, Fisker, First Solar, and so many others?

President Barack Obama began his second term with a ringing pledge to tackle climate change — saying that “the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.”

Four months later, everyone’s still waiting.

Instead of taking bold steps, Obama’s environmental regulators are dodging questions about how they intend to rein in the nation’s largest sources of greenhouse gases. They missed a major deadline last month for rolling out rules for future power plants, prompting environmental groups and several states to threaten lawsuits. And the EPA has insisted to Congress that it’s not even working on regulations for the next piece of the carbon puzzle — the nation’s vast fleet of existing power plants.

Perhaps Obama realizes that the world has seen a miniscule 0.28F increase since 1990, per the Met Office, and just 0.14F since 1997. Statistically insignificant. I do find it amusing that The Politico’s Erica Martinson and Jennifer Epstein would write this article when the majority of the country is at or below average temperatures, and the East is way below, having seen snow Saturday night. Europe is still waiting for Spring.

“President Obama is absolutely committed to tackling climate change,” said Carol Browner, Obama’s former top energy and climate adviser, who is now a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. “This is a legacy issue for him that he really believes in.”

What he’s not committed to is getting his own hands dirty. That’s for Other People to do.

What is his climate change strategy? Regulation, regulation, regulation. Oh, and a stagnant economy, which sees lower “emissions”.

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One Response to “Politico Wonders Where Obama’s Hotcoldwetdry Agenda Is”

  1. Legacy_Gumballs says:

    “This is a legacy issue for him that he really believes in.”

    If it was such a “legacy” issue with him, and he really believed in it, wouldn’t he have done something by now? Anything? I mean, besides increasing taxes and fees upon the poor and sickly.

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