Obama Tries To Stop The Bleeding

If our supposedly fair and independent press would have done their jobs over the past 4+ years there would have been quite a bit more bleeding from Mr. Chicago Way

(Politico) In recent days, Democratic strategists have all but begged President Barack Obama to take control of a deepening public relations disaster that threatens to derail his second-term agenda.

On Wednesday evening, Obama did just that. The White House released 100 pages of emails and documents showing the evolution of the administration’s talking points about the Benghazi attack. Just over an hour later, Obama himself came to the podium to announce that he’d directed his Treasury secretary to request the resignation of the acting IRS commissioner — and had gotten it.

So did two decisive actions on one rapid-fire news night stop the bleeding?

Well, ah, no. That resignation of the acting IRS commish? He was leaving in June anyhow. His was a temporary appointment lasting from November 2012 through May 2013.

The 100 pages of Benghazi emails? First, they start September 14th. The attack occurred three days earlier on 9/11. Where are the emails from those days? But they do show the heavy hand of the State Department watering down the original statement. Oh, and quite a few pages are simply the same email sent to someone else, rather than any sort of deep chain. They also show that the State Dept (hey, don’t they work for Obama?) wanted no part in letting people know that they had received warnings about the attacks beforehand. Really, the release is a deflection and an attempt to misdirect.

But after days of anxiety, Democratic operatives said the White House has found its footing. But happy as they were to see Obama win a news cycle, they insisted he’s far from being in the clear — Republican adversaries feel that they’re only just beginning, and they’ll have another chance to lay into the administration at Friday’s hearing on the IRS.

Much of the rest of the Politico article is about Team O and Dems wanting to win the news cycles, rather than following the law, doing the right thing, fixing the issues, and holding people accountable. Team O cares about the optics, not the issues.

But, the O admin will also have to deal with the burgeoning scandal regarding the phone records of AP. He wants the Senate to pass a shield law (via The Lonely Conservative)

(Free Beacon) However, the bill will likely contain a large carve-out for national security matters. The 2009 version of the legislation contained national security exemptions, which were included at the request of the White House.

Such a provision would likely not have shielded the AP from the Justice Department subpoena.

And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but this law would be unconstitutional, since it would consist of breaking “Congress shall pass no law….abridging the freedom of speech, and of the press…”. One would think Mr. Constitutional Professor would know that.

Then there is the matter that the DOJ obtained phone records from inside the House of Representatives, which, while targeting the press, could have involved members of Congress. Can you say violation of the separation of powers, and yet another stunning overreach?

I wonder what revelation we’ll be treated to today?

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5 Responses to “Obama Tries To Stop The Bleeding”

  1. Decrepid_Gumballs says:

    I’m betting more disastrous news to come from the DHHS over this next week.

  2. Trish Mac says:

    Too bad he can’t blame Bush for it all. I did however see a liberal moron friend who posted an article (from Salon.com) about how the IRS targeted the NAACP, and a couple of other liberal leaning groups under his administration. So, in essence they ARE trying to blame Bush. Same moron has posted a zillion things about how Bush lied during the run up to the Iraq War, and blah blah blah and we’re hypocrites for not caring about the lives lost in two bad wars. Funny how Benghazi was indicative of a continuing war…with Islam.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Too bad he can’t blame Bush for it all.

    I am in a “debate” with a guy in the local paper over this. He does blame Bush.

    He doesn’t understand that it is not the attack that is at issue….. it is what happened (or didn’t happen) while the attack was ongoing and the coverup of what had truly happened.

    There are but two options with Benghazi and the talking points. Either Obama, Clinton and Ambassador Rice knew what they were saying was a lie in regards to the video and the response, or they didn’t know.

    If they knew, heads – their heads – should roll. If they didn’t know, the people that supplied them the false talking points need to go.

  4. Decrepid_Gumballs says:

    And if they didn’t know, why not? Are they not the top leaders of our gov’t? Are they not directly responsible for what happens that night? Was it not their own orders that determined the fate of those men that night?

    Someone’s head is going to roll. I’m betting MANY when all these scandals are done.

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